Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Scenic Tour: Eaves of Fangorn

The Eaves of Fangorn is part of East Rohan but it feels like a totally different area. Day and night also make a big difference because at night it gets really dark under the trees. During the daytime though, the light filters through and sends rays of sunlight through the canopy, illuminating the leaves and the rocks and the stream - absolutely beautiful!

Sunlight through the trees
It was delightful to meet an Ent who had a memory of seeing Pippin and Merry running through the forest, and then following their footsteps and eventually meeting Gandalf on Treebeard's Hill. Tracking the hobbits was the best experience in Fangorn Forest and I'd happily follow the trail again because it really shows off the beauty of the zone.

Following footsteps by the stream
Still following the stream

Following the trail deeper into the forest
Checking up on Pippin and Merry

Further into the forest, there are more Ents that need help protecting the forest from orcs, spiders and corruption. It's nice to not be so hasty and take time to enjoy the scenery while questing or exploring.

I hate spiders

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