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I enjoy gathering resources and crafting useful things for my characters in MMOs and LOTRO in particular.

I like how in LOTRO there are new crafting recipes available at regular intervals so if your character gets stuck for gear drops while levelling you can always make something that will be close to their level. I like how LOTRO gave the option to make several different stat variations of the same recipe - for example, a tanking sword, a DPS sword or a caster's sword (lore-master/minstrel). The essence slot system is a sad departure from this, but it does give a lot of customisation options.

The farming and scholar professions are some of the most fun and interesting crafting experiences I have ever had in gaming. Optimising crop yields, cross-breeding pipe-weed seeds, hunting for artifacts in old ruins and collecting ingredients from various sources to make beautiful dyes have provided many hours of entertainment.

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  1. Thank you for putting these guides together....there is not much to find for LOTRO crafting out there!!! You helped out a newbie!!

    Thanks again!