Thursday, 10 July 2014

Scenic Tour: Eregion

Eregion was hidden away beyond the mountains and valleys of the Trollshaws. I first saw how to get there while watching one of the LOTROstreams on for Taking the Hobbits to Isengard. In brief, follow the Bruinen River south; on the East side of the river there is a narrow path heading south up the hillside. The path leads across a tree-trunk bridge and then enters a valley which opens out near Gwingris in Eregion.

By the time Myndariel got to Eregion, she was keen to finish the first Volume of the Epic quest, get her first legendary items and head into Moria. Nevertheless, she did do some quests to help out the locals, but she rushed.

Eregion seemed a reasonably pretty place, lots of colourful trees, some nice views of the mountains and valleys, Elven ruins that hinted at the grandeur of a bygone era. It seemed to also have an abundance of resources - lots of ore and wood and animals and plants waiting to be picked. Perhaps one of my other characters will spend more time there and explore it more thoroughly. I've heard that sometimes when the weather is right, a beautiful rainbow can be seen.

The main road through Eregion


Looking towards Caradhras (Mt Redhorn)

Echad Mirobel

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