Monday, 7 July 2014

Scenic Tour: Forochel

Myndariel briefly visited Forochel on her journey to complete the first Volume of the Epic quest. After spending time in Misty Mountains, she thought it would be just another snowy zone, but the Lossoth people and their culture certainly add a unique flavour which made it an interesting place.

Aiding the Lost Fellowship to retrieve items of importance to the class they represented was fun. I think my favourites were the Minstrel who wanted revenge on the sabre-tooth who destroyed her musical instrument strings, and the Captain because his herald was so loyal.

Several of my characters have nearly bumped into the rare nemesis Torahammas and his Guaradan minions and nearly had the life scared out of them, before they took a deep breath and ran the other way. It's great to see creatures who are bigger and stronger than you, that could eat you for breakfast and spit out the bones - it adds a little danger, makes you be a little more wary, and offers a challenge. There's got to be a way to beat them ... maybe if I was higher level, or if I asked some friends to help ...

Korkea-järvi - the little lake in the south

The Ice Bay of Forochel

Sunrise over the ill-fated ship of Arvedui

Sûri-kylä - home of the Lossoth

Torahammas - a rare nemesis

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