Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Scenic Tour: Angmar

Following the epic quest-line took Myndariel into Angmar, the heart of dread. It took some effort to win the trust of the people of Aughaire but finally they rewarded her with a full set of armour and she headed off to the east across the Malenhad to look for lost dwarves. To reach them she had to pass Rammas Duluon, the row of fear-inducing Watching-stones that will instantly kill those who pass too near unless they've completed Vol I, Book 6 of the epic quest.

After helping the dwarves with the local orc problem and Nethraw with the seven missing swords, Myndariel headed north to Imlad Balchorth, a horrible valley full of wights and fell-spirits. She continued north and finally found the settlement of Gath Forthnir, the path nearly hidden beyond a small lake. While based there she helped Lorniel and Golodir and confronted Mordirith in Carn Dûm.

It was an interesting place, Angmar. Dark and brooding, with a lot of variety of terrain - desert marshlands, forests both alive and dead, deep valleys, high mountains. The presence of the enemy army was everywhere and their fortresses were huge and menacing.

A lot of the mobs in Angmar drop items which are used in the level 50 class quests, as well as a lot of rep tokens for the Council of the North so it wasn't too difficult to reach kindred with them. Nevertheless, it is not a place to linger longer than necessary.

Ram Duath - orcs prepare to invade the rest of Eriador

Fasach-Larran - a good place to gather Tier 4 resources

Malenhad - home to goblin camps and lots of fire-worms and giant turtles

Rammas Deluon - deadly stone sentries

Barad Gúlaran - one of the fortresses of the Witch King

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