Friday, 4 July 2014

Scenic Tour: Evendim

Although Evendim is a roughly level 30-40 zone, Myndariel didn't visit it until the Epic quest-line sent her there in her late 40s. I had heard it was a beautiful zone, but it still amazed me.

I have since sent other characters there and while they didn't enjoy the Oatbarton quests (they got very disoriented running around the maze of little farms and hobbit-holes looking for missing pitchforks and chickens etc.), the quests from Tinnudir were superb. I especially liked the quests where you were sent to some ruins and while there you find a relic or something valuable and old on the ground that starts another quest which ends up with returning the relics to Tinnudir to be studied/restored etc. Exploring Annúminas with Orchalwë was also challenging and fun.

Emyn Uial on the north-western side of Lake Evendim is a hidden gem, with some pretty locations worth visiting and an interesting story-line dealing with Gauredain, forest trolls and giants corrupting Longbough's home near the Eavespires.

Oatbarton - a hobbit town near the Shire border



Ruins in Parth Aduial

Looking down from the giant statue of the High King

Men Erain - tombs of the High Kings

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