Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Instances: Fornost Cluster

The Entrance to Fornost

Fornost was once a major city, the capital of the Arthedain realm founded by Amlaith, a descendant of Elendil and Isildur. However, it was overrun by the Witch-King of Angmar and held for a year before being driven out by an alliance of men and elves led by Eärnur of Gondor and Glorfindel of Rivendell. The city was left in ruins.

Now, evil creatures from Angmar have crept back in and taken up residence. A group of concerned Free Peoples have made camp nearby in the Fields of Fornost to keep watch and find out what is going on.

The instances of Fornost must be unlocked sequentially by completing each instance, starting with the Wraith of Water. Defeated mobs give Rangers of Esteldín reputation.

Wraith of Water - 6 person instance

This instance takes place near the tower of Barad Eithel in the north-west of Fornost.

The pool of silence

To reach the tower, go through the area with orcs and goblins. After defeating the overseer, you'll find one of holding pens contains Sara Oakheart who asks you to help her rescue other prisoners and escort them to safety (a pair of bosses guard the entrance). Beyond the pens is a shallow pool of silencing water and dreadmists (fight on the land). Megoriath the Wraith of Water lurks in the tower. The water here also causes a silence so use the stepping stones and try to stay in melee range to avoid his powerful ranged shadow attack.

Wraith of Earth - 6 person instance

This instance takes place near the tower of Barad Harn with trebuchets aimed out at the Fields of Fornost.

Weapons of war

Clear out the trolls and goblins and destroy the trebuchets using the powder boxes. Inside the tower, there are three levers to activate on the ground floor to unlock the door to the stairs. Fight to the top of the tower and Rhavameldir the Wraith of Earth is waiting with a few minions.

Wraith of Fire - 6 person instance

This instance takes place near the tower of Barad Narthan.

Burn the idols to Sauron

Follow the narrow path that winds around outside the tower defeating orcs and burning idols to Sauron as you go (use the torch from nearby bonfires). The first boss, Riamul occasionally puts up a shield preventing damage while he has summoned minions alive. The second boss Zanthrug is an AOE-fest as lots of mobs fill the courtyard. Fight your way through the tower full of burning wights to the last idol - destroying it summons more attackers - then continue up to the top and Brogadan. He needs to be killed quickly before the room fills with fire.

Wraith of Shadow - 6 person instance

The final instance takes place near the tower of Minas Erain in the north-east. This is the largest tower with many levels.

Fight to the top of the tower

The entrance (at the top of Barad Narthan) has a great outlook over Fornost. The ruins around Minas Erain are filled with a variety of mobs, as well as many skeletons, remains of the Oathbreakers cursed by King Arvedui for betraying the city into Angmar's power. Inside the tower, clicking an offering bowl summons a warg boss. Further up the tower, clear the groups of spirits before defeating the second boss and her minions.

The final boss, Remmenaeg, is on the roof of the tower and is quite difficult. He is invincible until all three braziers are lit. He often interrupts attempts to light the braziers and when each brazier is lit, mobs are summoned that need to be dealt with. The braziers only stay lit for a short time, offering a small window to reduce the boss' health, then the process needs to be repeated. Remmenaeg also casts auras of dread and fear and reflects most damage types (Common, Westernesse, Ancient-Dwarf and fire).

Monday, 29 September 2014

Update: New guides and galleries

Hi. I hope you had a great weekend. I did. It was a warm and sunny spring day and I enjoyed basking in the sun with a good book and a big beanbag. I also got my captain to level 75 and got her a warsteed (wow it's such a different experience on a melee class compared to ranged!), and added some extra guides and galleries to the blog here:

My captain's a metalsmith so she helped model for the new Forged: Crafted Heavy Armour gallery.

The Resources and Crafting Instances guide is designed to provide some quick reference information about where you can go to get the ore, leather, wood or scholar resources you might need.

Finally, since I'm working on visiting everything in the Instance Finder and sharing a bit about them here, I've added an index called the Guide to Instances to make it easier to find relevant information.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Captains and Custom Heralds

My captain
I've been leveling my captain recently and finally found out how to get the buffs from the standard and the variety of herald appearances from the armaments. Previously I thought you had to sacrifice the physical mastery and morale buffs from the standard and equip the armaments (which only buffs the herald) if you wanted a different looking herald, such as a Swordswoman or a Squire. Fortunately, that's not the case. I hope the following information will be useful for other captains too.

To preview all the different herald appearances available, visit Lotro-Wiki.com - Herald.

  1. Equip your Standard of choice of the appropriate level in your ranged slot (e.g. Intricately Woven Supreme Standard of Hope, minimum level 60).
    Standard is in the middle, in the Ranged slot
  2. Make, buy or receive any Herald Armaments (e.g. Minor Commoner Herald Armaments, minimum level 20, made by tailors). Level doesn't matter. The type of herald armaments doesn't matter.
  3. Talk to the Captain Trainer and barter your herald armaments for a Receipt of Armament Exchange.
    Barter Armaments for Receipt of Armament Exchange
  4. From the drop-down list of barter filters, select the "Token to X Armaments", where X is the herald pet you want to change the appearance of (i.e. to change the appearance of the herald summoned when you use Call to Arms: Archer, select "Token to Archer-Armament"). Swap your Receipt of Armament Exchange for the Herald appearance you want and are eligible for (note: Lossoth requires Kindred reputation standing and Oath-bound require minimum level 58).
    Barter Receipt for the Herald appearance you want
  5. You receive the Armaments in your bag. Right click to learn the skill.
    New Armaments skill item
  6. The Skills panel will have a new option in the Call to Arms section. Drag your new ability to your quickslot bars and enjoy. The original herald will still be available as well. If you wanted to, you could repeat this process and collect the whole set of appearances so you could switch from using a Commoner to a Pilgrim or a Defender or a Maid-at-arms or a Footsoldier and so on.



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Instances: The Annúminas Cluster

Annúminas is a majestic ruin in Evendim, the former capital of the Kingdom of Arnor which was founded by Elendil at the end of the Second Age.

Elendil and his sons escaped the downfall of Númenor (Sauron and those who worshipped Melkor, the original Dark Lord, tried to wipe out those who were faithful to Eru and the Valar). They took with them palantíri (seeing-stones) and the sword Narsil (a family hierloom from the First Age filled with power). The faithful survivors of Númenor became known as Dúnedain.

Their ships were separated in a storm so Elendil settled on the shore of Lake Nenuial in Evendim and founded Arnor while his sons (Isildur and Anárion) ended up further south-west and founded Gondor. They kept up communication by using the palantíri. Elendil was killed in the battle at Barad-dûr against Sauron and Narsil broke under his body. Isildur took the hilt and sliced Sauron's hand, severing him from the One Ring.

There were ten kings of Arnor. When the tenth king, Eärendur, died, his sons divided the kingdom between them. Amlaith, the eldest son and ancestor to Aragorn, founded Arthedain (which included regions now part of the Shire, Bree-land, North Downs and Lone-lands). His brothers founded the realms of Cardolan and Rhudaur. Annúminas was abandoned.

Glinghant - 6 person instance

The gardens of Annúminas were located in the south-east of the city. The terraces have now been taken over by Angmarim and darkwaters who cast fear and spread disease to those who wish to visit.

Use the lever on the first terrace to start an event involving waves of mobs attacking. The second terrace has three stagnant oaks to defeat. On the top terrace, defeat Nengon and his fellow darkwaters.

Haudh Valandil - 6 person instance

This was the tomb of Valandil, youngest son of Isildur and the third High King of Arnor. The sorcerors of Umbar want to raise Valandil from the dead as a powerful wight under Sauron's control. They have many minions who will try to stop you from returning Valandil's remains to where they belong.

Clear out the rooms with the Arnorian Knights and light the beacons to unlock access to the upper level. Shingrinder waits across a bridge. Beyond him, Dolvaethor sends waves of burning limrafn at you from behind a wall of fire. Once they're defeated, he runs away and sends Arnorian Wights to attack. At the top of the stairs, he waits with Valandil.

Ost Elendil - 6 person instance

The throne room of Annúminas was located on the fortified island of Tyl Annûn in the north of the city. Balhest has claimed it for himself with Angmarim and Tormented Spirits to guard him.

The key to this instance is kiting the Morelendil Guards to the windows to allow the light to dispel their protective buff. Open windows by clicking the counterweights. You also want to avoid using fire, Common, Ancient Dwarf and Westernesse damage as the wraiths have a buff called Terrible Retribution which can reflect damage back at you. Without the light buff it may be possible to defeat Guloth by healing through the attacks by the Morelendil Guards and using other damage types (e.g. light, lightning, frost, Beleriand). In the throne room, you have to defeat all the guards before you can fight Balhest and his allies.

Note: The defeated mobs in these instances give rep with the Wardens of Annúminas.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Update: Crafted Light Armour Gallery

I don't know about you, but when I'm planning a cosmetic outfit, I always consider which crafted pieces could be used to complement a theme.

Darzil's LOTRO Crafting Guide has been an excellent resource in the past, but it is no longer updated so I'm making my own galleries. I'd also like to mention that the Item Treasury plugin by Galuhad is a great tool for being able to preview items in-game.

I've just finished updating the Tailor-made: Crafted Light Armour gallery with cloaks, armour sets requiring reputation and high level gear. Please have a look!

Here's a few of the recent additions to the gallery:

Lvl 42 Ajokoira Armour (Light)

Lvl 60 Lothlórien Hooded Cloak of the Elder

Lvl 75 Wyrmscale Acrobat's Cloak

Lvl 95 Fangorn Armour (Light)

I will be working on the crafted medium and heavy armour galleries soon. If you have any suggestions about the galleries, please leave a comment.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Scenic Tour: The Dead Marshes

Update 14.2 has arrived with an excursion to the Dead Marshes to prevent the wrong eyes from gazing upon Frodo and Sam's journey.

There's lots of running around and swimming to do since there are no mounts, no roads and not much solid land - but there's lots of water (with eerie remains from the Battle of Dagorlad), tall grasses and mobs scattered everywhere.

There are only a few landmarks - the camp where you arrive, an orc camp, the big hill and the norbogs' nest. These locations are all on the southern side of the zone. Two warbands wander around in the north-east (Sorzúr the Lone Hunter) and south-west (Orc Captain Búrgoth the Taskmaster). The Lone Hunter has a chance to drop a marsh frog cosmetic pet.

It's an iconic area with a few quests - originally it was only going to be a session play instance but they expanded it. However, after completing the quests there's probably not much reason to come back except for trying to get the pet frog or farming orcs for the slayer deed.

The orc camp
The hill
The norbogs' nest
The Dawnless Day approaching

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Instances: The Road to Erebor Cluster

I've recently started doing a lot more instances with Myndariel and have been enjoying their lore, variety, scenery, puzzles and challenges. Being able to scale a dungeon to different levels and receive appropriate rewards is awesome and prevents content from becoming obsolete.

My interest in the instances in the Road to Erebor cluster began with the level 20 quest from Gandalf "The Road to the Lonely Mountain". It sounded quite interesting and I wanted to try them out, but couldn't find a group so abandoned the quest. Now at level 100, Myndariel is trying out all the instances and skirmishes to experience as much of LOTRO as possible and hopes other people will either join her, or at least visit some of these places themselves.

Iorbar's Peak - 3 person instance

Up in the Misty Mountains, the stone-giant Helf has stolen one of the eggs from the eyries of the Great Eagles. Gwaihir the Windlord needs you to brave the storms, dwarves, beasts and giants to get it back safely.

Follow the narrow path up the mountain
Helf and his stolen egg

This was fairly easy, just be careful about positioning (avoid ground effects). In the final fight with Helf, move out of the way for his big attack and eliminate the dwarves that come to damage the egg ASAP.

Seat of the Great Goblin - 3 person instance

There are rumours that the goblins of Goblin-town in the Misty Mountains have got a new leader. Boromir thinks they could become a threat to Rivendell, so suggests you go and deal with them.

The main room
Mural #3

I didn't notice the murals the first time in here, but there's a deed for finding them all, so keep an eye out. Also watch out for and eliminate the goblin wound-tenders who have an aura that increases the damage done by nearby goblins and reduces the damage they take. There's a bridge that collapses, dropping you into a pit where rubble gets thrown at you and waves of goblins attack you then finally the troll attacks. Just watch out for his ground-pound attack then keep moving to avoid the incoming rubble. A path opens leading to the throne and the final boss fight which is quite busy (three phases) and requires AOE and cleansing of DoTs (poison and bleeds).

Webs of the Scuttledells - 3 person instance

Scouts in Mirkwood were sent to track the movements of the Great Spiders, but they were last heard from before entering the Scuttledells. Legolas wants you to find out what happened to the scouts and help them if you can.

Gloomy and webbed Scuttledells
Dígelir's Lair

Follow the path, clearing out the area and opening cocoons to check for missing scouts (although there could be a hostile mob instead). There's some wights that need to be killed and then dire cauldrons that need to be doused to summon the wight boss Beremud. Once he is defeated continue on to a cave with a giant spider, a network of webs to balance on over a pit and cocoons that hatch revealing lots of baby spiders. Don't get overwhelmed by baby spiders or the acrid stench poison debuff and don't fall off the webs!

The Bells of Dale - 6 person instance

The town of Dale is being besieged by Easterlings who serve the Dark Lord and the Men of Gondor are too busy fighting their own battles to help, so Gimli asks you to go and help save the town.

The Bell Tower

This was fairly easy up until the last boss. There are groups of Easterlings and their leaders scattered through town to take care of. The last boss however stands in front of the bell tower and while he summons spirit beasts to attack you, shadow-rats race towards the bell tower to chew through the cords and destroy the bells. If six bells are destroyed, you lose and the battle resets.

Flight to the Lonely Mountain - 12 person instance

Dale has fallen and survivors are fleeing to the Lonely Mountain, with Jangovar Easterlings pursuing them. Brand asks you to buy them time to escape by holding the river against the waves of Jangovar.

Jangovar approach from across the river

The waves of mobs include ranged (marks target to receive increased damage), melee (enrages and AOE attacks) summoners (debuffs and summons beasts) and captains (buffs the enemy). Keep mobs out of green healing puddles and cleanse debuffs promptly.

The Fires of Smaug - 12 person instance

The dwarves of Erebor want to send ravens to request help for the survivors of Dale, but the Easterlings have created a Grim to fill the Lonely Mountain passages with toxic smoke. The dwarves asks you to stop the Grim quickly.

The Grim channelling smoke through the pipes
The aim is to kill the Grim before too much smoke escapes by closing valves (and killing the Easterlings guarding them), killing the fire-tenders that come to heal the boss and fighting the Grim without getting burnt to death.

The Battle of Erebor - 12 person instance

News of a victory to the south is demoralising the Easterlings, but the dwarves can't survive the siege of Erebor for much longer either. They need the battle to end so they suggest you challenge the champions of the Easterlings to fight you, hoping that once you defeat them, their army will surrender completely.

The arena

Banners must be selected before the fight to determine what advantages the enemy champions will have such as additional mobs, enrages, fire AOE, catapults bombarding the area or increased damage done if there is a difference in health between the two main champions. Banners for inferno and catapults might be good choices for T1 groups, but it becomes a dps race.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Scenic Tour: The Great River

Myndariel went back and quested in the Great River and found it a lovely place with some troubling issues that may go unnoticed by the casual traveller passing through. There was a really good quest flow that had you doing quests in one area, resolving the problems there then moving on to another area, rather than going back and forth and all over the place. Some of the quest rewards were also quite unique and interesting. I think if I had to describe the theme of the quests in Great River, I would say "redemption". Relationships, honour, towns, historic relics. I'd like to think that Myndariel left the people of Great River in a better situation than when she met them.

Haldirith in Thinglad

The scenery was great and varied - the forest of Thinglad, the plains of Eorlsmead with its pretty flowers and crumbling ruins, the swamp of Rushgore. Ost Celebrant must have been amazing in its heyday.

Parth Celebrant

The Stone of Friendship (also known as the Cuthstan) is an amazing monument, on the scale of Elendil the Tall in Evendim, or the Argonath in Eastern Rohan, and highlights the history of the region. There has been much fighting in the Great River with both great losses and great victories.

The Cuthstan

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Legendary Titles for Lore-masters

Legendary titles provide extra bonuses to your legendary weapon and book but which ones are good for lore-masters and how do you get them?

Legendary Titles for Lore-master Staff

Recommendation: Knowledge of the Eldar Days for the Beleriand Damage (good against lots of common enemies) and the boost to Tactical Mastery will improve dps and outgoing healing.

Beleriand Damage - good against half-orcs, spiders, insects and ancient evil
Westernesse Damage - good against the dead, unseen and gaunt-lords

Scion of the Drowned Kingdom (Tier 1) Westernesse Weapon Damage
[57] The Morroval-outcasts (repeatable quest in Dolven-view, Moria)
Defender of the Forgotten West (Tier 1) Beleriand Weapon Damage
[60] Midnight Raid (repeatable small fellowship quest in Eregion)

Hero of Caras Galadhon (Tier 1) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +4 damage to Orc-kind
[60] Requires Ally standing with the Galadhrim (Lothlórien)
Costs 20 Lothlórien Gold Leaves + 60 Lothlórien Silver Branches
Númenórean Uruk-slayer (Tier 3) Westernesse Weapon Damage, +9 damage to Orc-kind
[65] Vol 3, Book 2, Chapter 5: Forces at Work in Eregion (epic quest reward)
Costs 2 Golden Tokens of the Wild + 5 Silver Tokens of the Wilds (Legendary Vendors in Enedwaith)

Knowledge of Eldar Days I (Tier 1) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +300 Tactical Mastery
[75] Defence of Galtrev (repeatable quest in Dunland)
Knowledge of Eldar Days II (Tier 2) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +400 Tactical Mastery
[85] Parphád: Order of Magnitude (repeatable quest in Hytbold)
Knowledge of Eldar Days III (Tier 3) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +400 Tactical Mastery
[95] Requires Friend standing with the Ents of Fangorn Forest (West Rohan)
Costs 100 Fangorn Leaves

Potency of Eldar Days II (Tier 2) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +380 Critical Rating
[85] Requires Kindred standing with People of Wildermore (Wildermore)
Costs 50 Wildermore Coins
Potency of Elder Days III (Tier 3) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +460 Critical Rating
[95] Requires Friend standing with Dol Amroth
Costs 50 Amroth Silver Pieces

Will of Eldar Days II (Tier 2) Beleriand Weapon Damage, +37 Will
[75] Costs 50 Silver Tokens of the Riddermark (East Rohan)

Legendary Titles for Lore-master Book

Recommendation: Molten Courage for the Tactical Mastery which will increase dps and healing, and the bonus fire damage will make many skills more powerful.

Fire-temper (Tier 1) +2% Fire Damage
[54] A Flight of Drakes (repeatable small fellowship quest in Eregion)
Burning Rager (Tier 2) +3% Fire Damage
[57] The Siege of Barad Morlas (repeatable small fellowship quest in Eregion)
Flame-striker (Tier 3) +5% Fire Damage
[60] Midnight Raid (repeatable small fellowship quest in Eregion)
[65] Vol 3, Book 2, Chapter 5: Forces at Work in Eregion (epic quest reward)
Costs 5 Golden Tokens of the Wild + 15 Silver Tokens of the Wilds (Legendary Vendors in Enedwaith)

Willful Flame I (Tier 1) +27 Will, +5% Fire Damage
[75] Requires Ally standing with Heroes of Limlight Gorge (Great River)
Costs 5 Golden Tokens of the Anduin + 10 Silver Tokens of the Anduin
Willful Flame II (Tier 2) +37 Will, +5% Fire Damage
[75]Costs 50 Silver Tokens of the Riddermark (East Rohan)

Ardent Counsel I (Tier 1) +300 Tactical Mastery, +608 Physical Mitigation
[75] Defence of Galtrev (repeatable quest in Dunland)
Ardent Counsel II (Tier 2) +400 Tactical Mastery, +689 Physical Mitigation
[85] Parphád: Order of Magnitude (repeatable quest in Hytbold)
Ardent Counsel III (Tier 3) +400 Tactical Mastery, +689 Physical Mitigation
[95] Requires Friend standing with the Ents of Fangorn Forest (West Rohan)
Costs 100 Fangorn Leaves

Enduring Wisdom I (Tier 1) +300 Tactical Mastery, + 608 Tactical Mitigation
[75] Defence of Galtrev (repeatable quest in Dunland)
Enduring Wisdom II (Tier 2) +400 Tactical Mastery, +689 Tactical Mitigation
[85] Parphád: Order of Magnitude (repeatable quest in Hytbold)
Enduring Wisdom III (Tier 3) +400 Tactical Mastery, +689 Tactical Mitigation
[95] Requires Friend standing with the Ents of Fangorn Forest (West Rohan)
Costs 100 Fangorn Leaves

Molten Courage I (Tier 1) +300 Tactical Mastery, +5% Fire Damage
[75] Defence of Galtrev (repeatable quest in Dunland)
Molten Courage II (Tier 2) +400 Tactical Mastery, +5% Fire Damage
[85] Parphád: Order of Magnitude (repeatable quest in Hytbold)
Molten Courage III (Tier 3) +400 Tactical Mastery, +5% Fire Damage
[95] Requires Friend standing with the Ents of Fangorn Forest (West Rohan)
Costs 100 Fangorn Leaves