Friday, 7 November 2014

Update 15: Central Gondor and Steed of the Ship-Kings

Update 15:Gondor Aflame has arrived and it includes the new level 100 area of Central Gondor, the Beorning class and the offensive Big Battle "Retaking Pelargir".

The new quests in Volume IV, Book 2 of the epic quest helps explain why we're going to Central Gondor nicely but involves a lot of running back and forth through Dol Amroth.

So far every time I've been to Central Gondor it's been night time in-game (although the looming cloud of the Dawnless Day probably makes everything darker too) so I still haven't had a good look around. I found one of the new treasure chests so it'll be fun to try and find the others to complete the deed. Who doesn't like a good treasure hunt?

The first town you encounter in Ringló Vale is Ethring. It straddles a river and has crafting facilities and quartermasters for two new factions: Men of Ringló Vale (which mainly offer new class-related essences such as Essence of the Sharp Claw for Beornings) and Pelargir (which offers legendary item titles and consumables). After completing the local quests, to earn rep with the Men of Ringló Vale you'll probably need to do tasks, repeatable bounties and find rep tokens that drop off mobs occasionally: Ornamental Skulls are worth 50 points and Weathered Gondorian Relics are worth 250 points.

The Pelargir Quartermaster also offers the lovely Steed of the Ship-Kings for 200 Central Gondor Silver Pieces at Kindred. I'd definitely like to add this one to my collection.

There are also new warbands and rare mobs to hunt down: watch out for the spiders!

Scythe-jaw: rare arch-nemesis south of Ethring