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I'm an altaholic and I like variety so I have characters of every class. It doesn't mean I'm good at them all, but here are some things I've learnt about the classes in LOTRO.

There are not many up-to-date guides out there for some classes. I will try to add or find more in the future, but the best source of information will generally be the LOTRO Forums and LOTRO-Wiki. There may also be some helpful information on Reddit and YouTube.


Beornings are shapeshifters that can change between man and bear forms and can fill tanking, DPS and healing roles.


Burglars are stealthy ST melee DPS specialists that can debuff and crowd-control enemies.

Here are some guides I found:


Captains are versatile melee fighters and can fill many roles: tanking, DPS, healing and support. They also have a Herald as a companion/pet.


Champions are typical melee DPS that can specialise in ST or AOE damage.

Here are some guides I found:


Guardians are typical sword-and-board-type tanks.

Here are some guides I found:


Hunters are ranged DPS that use bows and traps. They provide mainly ST damage, with some AOE and crowd-control. They can also transport themselves or a group to many major towns.

Here are some guides I found:


Lore-masters are ranged spell-casters with an animal or spirit pet. They can deal ST or AOE damage and provide buffs and debuffs.

Here are some guides I found:


Minstrels are primarily healers, but can also provide ranged DPS - using musical instruments!

Here are some guides I found:


Rune-keepers are spell-casters that can fill healing or DPS roles.

Here are some guides I found:


Wardens can be melee or ranged tanks and DPS, and use a combo system to access more powerful abilities. They can also transport themselves to many major towns.

Here are some guides I found:

Single-target DPS Comparisons at Level 20

This is a quick comparison of average single-target DPS between classes based on my results from the Introducing X Class series (see the class guides for more info).

Level 20 results may not be indicative of max-level DPS potential.

ClassBlue SpecRed SpecYellow Spec
Champion91.0 (DW)
Guardian84.0 (2H)

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