Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Myndariel's Wardrobe: Lothlorien

Myndariel earned enough rep with the Galadhrim to get the robe. At the time, she was using a legendary staff that looked a shepherd's crook with a green glowing orb. She saw the dress, saw the staff, and thought a green and gold theme would be perfectly appropriate for questing in Lothlórien, or any other leafy place.

In Lothlórien
In Dunland
In the Eaves of Fangorn
Myndariel is wearing:
  • Head: Dwarf-make Circlet (LOTRO Anniversary gift box)
  • Chest: Lórien Fancy Robe (Galadhrim rep vendor, dyed olive)
  • Back: Reveller's Gilded Cloak (LOTRO store)
  • Shoulders: Rock-climber's Shoulder Guards (crafted, Tailor T6)
  • Hands: Rock-climber's Gloves (crafted, Tailor T6)
  • Feet: Rock-climber's Shoes (crafted, Tailor T6)

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