LOTRO and Linux

I know it can be difficult getting Windows games to run in Linux, but I've now got LOTRO running on a couple of computers that are running Linux using PlayOnLinux and Wine.

I'm no Linux expert, but I hope the information below will help.

LOTRO VersionLinux VersionWine VersionTest DateComments
Update 21Linux Mint 18.22.13-staging8 Aug 2017Working OK *
Update 20.1Linux Mint 182.4-staging20 Apr 2017Working OK
Update 20.0Linux Mint 182.130 Mar 2017Working OK
Update 19.3Linux Mint 182.12 Mar 2017Working OK
Update 19.2Linux Mint Feb 2017Working OK
Update 19.1Linux Mint Nov 2016Working OK

* As of 31 May 2017, a special version of the launcher and client files are required for Linux, Windows XP and Vista. The in-game store opens in an external browser.

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