Friday, 1 August 2014

Scenic Tour: Wildermore

I'd heard that Wildermore was no longer relevant content but it had a good story so should be visited at least once. Well, I'm glad Myndariel quested there. It really was a good story that led you around the zone helping people, spirits and Ents to deal with the devastation and tragedy Núrzum has brought to the land.

Towns have been snap-frozen
Farms have been overrun by orcs
Giant ice crystals dot the landscape
Relationships are a strong theme throughout the zone, especially those of Cyneberg and Gárwig who have lost those they love but while they grieve they also have responsibilities to look after the people of Wildermore. The little story about the survivors in the Steaping Cave was also quite moving and it was good that in the end the other women put aside their jealousy and offered support to the foreigner, and pregnant widow, Ránmald.

The quests in the Balewood offered a lot more insight into Núrzum and why he has wreaked wintry woes on Wildermore. I like the Ents: they're noble in their mission to protect the forests; they're patient with their enemies and wayward friends and don't rush in to get revenge or give punishment; they're level-headed and listen to others' opinions then weigh up their options to find the best solution. I'm not so keen on the huorns though - tripping over their roots by accident then getting whacked across the back of the head with a branch and looking back to see a grim visage in the trunk as the tree pulls itself out of the ground to chase you angrily - yeah, they're not as reasonable as the Ents.

Frozen Forlaw
Byre Tor, abandoned but still pretty on a clear, frosty day
The Balewood
Having completed the story-line of defeating Núrzum and earning kin standing with the People of Wildermore (and getting the travel point, some crafting recipes and some nice warm-looking cosmetic gear), it's hard to imagine going through the whole zone again, rebuilding, to earn rep with the Survivors of Wildermore. Maybe Myndariel will consider it at some stage when she has more free-time, but in the meantime, they'll have to manage without her.

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