Friday, 27 June 2014

Scenic Tour: Misty Mountains

The Misty Mountains were a nice change of scene and I enjoyed the weather aspects such as snowflakes drifting down or snowstorms that dropped visibility drastically. It made me want to huddle inside beside a nice warm fire, but the dwarves of the zone were tough and stood outside giving orders to eliminate the danger posed by the evil men taking up residence near Helegrod, the Dourhands near Gabilizan, and the goblins in and around Goblin-town.

The there were the giants of Giant Halls. After getting smashed the first couple of times Myndariel encountered them, she decided to use Sylvan Shadows to stealth past them and explore their kingdom. So much ore and wood and scholar artifacts, all hoarded away! Well she might have got a little greedy and unstealthy and tried to carry more than she should, so perhaps not surprisingly, when that giant came around the corner of the hill unexpectedly ... he wasn't happy to see her. SMASH!

Goblin-town was an amazing maze and exploring (i.e. fighting the way through the goblins and their allies) resulted in constantly overflowing bags full of loot and rep tokens. Eventually though, Myndariel got tired of being underground (she hates the dark) and decided braving snowstorms was preferable so she headed south to deal with fissure-worms and gauredain near Northtarn.

Snowy vista from Gloin's Camp
Hrimbarg, one of the dwarven outposts
Myndariel, dressed to blend in with the environment

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