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Instances: Fornost Cluster

The Entrance to Fornost

Fornost was once a major city, the capital of the Arthedain realm founded by Amlaith, a descendant of Elendil and Isildur. However, it was overrun by the Witch-King of Angmar and held for a year before being driven out by an alliance of men and elves led by Eärnur of Gondor and Glorfindel of Rivendell. The city was left in ruins.

Now, evil creatures from Angmar have crept back in and taken up residence. A group of concerned Free Peoples have made camp nearby in the Fields of Fornost to keep watch and find out what is going on.

The instances of Fornost must be unlocked sequentially by completing each instance, starting with the Wraith of Water. Defeated mobs give Rangers of Esteldín reputation.

Wraith of Water - 6 person instance

This instance takes place near the tower of Barad Eithel in the north-west of Fornost.

The pool of silence

To reach the tower, go through the area with orcs and goblins. After defeating the overseer, you'll find one of holding pens contains Sara Oakheart who asks you to help her rescue other prisoners and escort them to safety (a pair of bosses guard the entrance). Beyond the pens is a shallow pool of silencing water and dreadmists (fight on the land). Megoriath the Wraith of Water lurks in the tower. The water here also causes a silence so use the stepping stones and try to stay in melee range to avoid his powerful ranged shadow attack.

Wraith of Earth - 6 person instance

This instance takes place near the tower of Barad Harn with trebuchets aimed out at the Fields of Fornost.

Weapons of war

Clear out the trolls and goblins and destroy the trebuchets using the powder boxes. Inside the tower, there are three levers to activate on the ground floor to unlock the door to the stairs. Fight to the top of the tower and Rhavameldir the Wraith of Earth is waiting with a few minions.

Wraith of Fire - 6 person instance

This instance takes place near the tower of Barad Narthan.

Burn the idols to Sauron

Follow the narrow path that winds around outside the tower defeating orcs and burning idols to Sauron as you go (use the torch from nearby bonfires). The first boss, Riamul occasionally puts up a shield preventing damage while he has summoned minions alive. The second boss Zanthrug is an AOE-fest as lots of mobs fill the courtyard. Fight your way through the tower full of burning wights to the last idol - destroying it summons more attackers - then continue up to the top and Brogadan. He needs to be killed quickly before the room fills with fire.

Wraith of Shadow - 6 person instance

The final instance takes place near the tower of Minas Erain in the north-east. This is the largest tower with many levels.

Fight to the top of the tower

The entrance (at the top of Barad Narthan) has a great outlook over Fornost. The ruins around Minas Erain are filled with a variety of mobs, as well as many skeletons, remains of the Oathbreakers cursed by King Arvedui for betraying the city into Angmar's power. Inside the tower, clicking an offering bowl summons a warg boss. Further up the tower, clear the groups of spirits before defeating the second boss and her minions.

The final boss, Remmenaeg, is on the roof of the tower and is quite difficult. He is invincible until all three braziers are lit. He often interrupts attempts to light the braziers and when each brazier is lit, mobs are summoned that need to be dealt with. The braziers only stay lit for a short time, offering a small window to reduce the boss' health, then the process needs to be repeated. Remmenaeg also casts auras of dread and fear and reflects most damage types (Common, Westernesse, Ancient-Dwarf and fire).

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