Thursday, 25 September 2014

Captains and Custom Heralds

My captain
I've been leveling my captain recently and finally found out how to get the buffs from the standard and the variety of herald appearances from the armaments. Previously I thought you had to sacrifice the physical mastery and morale buffs from the standard and equip the armaments (which only buffs the herald) if you wanted a different looking herald, such as a Swordswoman or a Squire. Fortunately, that's not the case. I hope the following information will be useful for other captains too.

To preview all the different herald appearances available, visit - Herald.

  1. Equip your Standard of choice of the appropriate level in your ranged slot (e.g. Intricately Woven Supreme Standard of Hope, minimum level 60).
    Standard is in the middle, in the Ranged slot
  2. Make, buy or receive any Herald Armaments (e.g. Minor Commoner Herald Armaments, minimum level 20, made by tailors). Level doesn't matter. The type of herald armaments doesn't matter.
  3. Talk to the Captain Trainer and barter your herald armaments for a Receipt of Armament Exchange.
    Barter Armaments for Receipt of Armament Exchange
  4. From the drop-down list of barter filters, select the "Token to X Armaments", where X is the herald pet you want to change the appearance of (i.e. to change the appearance of the herald summoned when you use Call to Arms: Archer, select "Token to Archer-Armament"). Swap your Receipt of Armament Exchange for the Herald appearance you want and are eligible for (note: Lossoth requires Kindred reputation standing and Oath-bound require minimum level 58).
    Barter Receipt for the Herald appearance you want
  5. You receive the Armaments in your bag. Right click to learn the skill.
    New Armaments skill item
  6. The Skills panel will have a new option in the Call to Arms section. Drag your new ability to your quickslot bars and enjoy. The original herald will still be available as well. If you wanted to, you could repeat this process and collect the whole set of appearances so you could switch from using a Commoner to a Pilgrim or a Defender or a Maid-at-arms or a Footsoldier and so on.



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