Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Scenic Tour: The Dead Marshes

Update 14.2 has arrived with an excursion to the Dead Marshes to prevent the wrong eyes from gazing upon Frodo and Sam's journey.

There's lots of running around and swimming to do since there are no mounts, no roads and not much solid land - but there's lots of water (with eerie remains from the Battle of Dagorlad), tall grasses and mobs scattered everywhere.

There are only a few landmarks - the camp where you arrive, an orc camp, the big hill and the norbogs' nest. These locations are all on the southern side of the zone. Two warbands wander around in the north-east (Sorzúr the Lone Hunter) and south-west (Orc Captain Búrgoth the Taskmaster). The Lone Hunter has a chance to drop a marsh frog cosmetic pet.

It's an iconic area with a few quests - originally it was only going to be a session play instance but they expanded it. However, after completing the quests there's probably not much reason to come back except for trying to get the pet frog or farming orcs for the slayer deed.

The orc camp
The hill
The norbogs' nest
The Dawnless Day approaching

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