Friday, 19 September 2014

Update: Crafted Light Armour Gallery

I don't know about you, but when I'm planning a cosmetic outfit, I always consider which crafted pieces could be used to complement a theme.

Darzil's LOTRO Crafting Guide has been an excellent resource in the past, but it is no longer updated so I'm making my own galleries. I'd also like to mention that the Item Treasury plugin by Galuhad is a great tool for being able to preview items in-game.

I've just finished updating the Tailor-made: Crafted Light Armour gallery with cloaks, armour sets requiring reputation and high level gear. Please have a look!

Here's a few of the recent additions to the gallery:

Lvl 42 Ajokoira Armour (Light)

Lvl 60 Lothlórien Hooded Cloak of the Elder

Lvl 75 Wyrmscale Acrobat's Cloak

Lvl 95 Fangorn Armour (Light)

I will be working on the crafted medium and heavy armour galleries soon. If you have any suggestions about the galleries, please leave a comment.

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