Thursday, 9 October 2014

Scenic Tour: Enedwaith

Myndariel is finally questing through Enedwaith, helping out the Grey Company and slowly earning the trust and respect of the Algraig. There are some fun little discovery deeds (hobbit lamp-posts, dwarf markers, little wonders, the fishing hole) and a variety of landscapes and ruins to explore. One of my favourite places was finding the settlement of Maur Tulhau tucked away in a valley and overshadowed by huge rock formations.

Maur Tulhau - a hobbit village
Two other major landmarks include Lhanuch, the main town with a crafting hall, and Harndirion, an encampment at the base of a ruined watchtower with class trainers and class-specific (but not class-restricted) armour sets.

Looking across Enedwaith: Lhanuch (cluster of huts in the middle) and Harndirion (tower on the distant hill)
Nár's Peak is home to an ancient dwarven library, Zudrugund, built into the sides of the Misty Mountains, overlooking Thrór's Coomb. The librarians are concerned about the giants and gwiber (dragons) in the valley and the mysterious Nár has uncanny insight into the secret plans of the Grey Company.

The southern region of Enedwaith is oppressed by creatures of evil.The Lich Bluffs were once a revered burial ground for the people who had died in various wars throughout the ages but now there are wights and Oathbreakers amongst the barrows, while the Mournshaws is a dreary wooded valley haunted by the mysterious Wild Huntsman and fell spirits.

Lich Bluffs

Enedwaith is also the location to two level 75+ raid instances: Draigoch's Lair in Thrór's Coomb and Ost Dunhoth in the Lich Bluffs.

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