Monday, 8 September 2014

Scenic Tour: The Great River

Myndariel went back and quested in the Great River and found it a lovely place with some troubling issues that may go unnoticed by the casual traveller passing through. There was a really good quest flow that had you doing quests in one area, resolving the problems there then moving on to another area, rather than going back and forth and all over the place. Some of the quest rewards were also quite unique and interesting. I think if I had to describe the theme of the quests in Great River, I would say "redemption". Relationships, honour, towns, historic relics. I'd like to think that Myndariel left the people of Great River in a better situation than when she met them.

Haldirith in Thinglad

The scenery was great and varied - the forest of Thinglad, the plains of Eorlsmead with its pretty flowers and crumbling ruins, the swamp of Rushgore. Ost Celebrant must have been amazing in its heyday.

Parth Celebrant

The Stone of Friendship (also known as the Cuthstan) is an amazing monument, on the scale of Elendil the Tall in Evendim, or the Argonath in Eastern Rohan, and highlights the history of the region. There has been much fighting in the Great River with both great losses and great victories.

The Cuthstan

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