Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Scenic Tour: Western Gondor

Western Gondor is underwhelming but I think the architectural style is growing on me. It feels a little unfinished, but there is more content to come - at the very least, our server still has to unlock Paths of the Dead and Emyn Ernil and presumably they will become minor hives of activity for a while. It's a shame though that there isn't more to do in some of the regions because you travel through them so briefly on the quest line to reach Dol Amroth and then there's not much reason to go back.

Paths of the Dead

There were several small towns, each with their own ambience. Morlad was a cute village built into the hill with winding paths to the top of the town where there was a nice lookout. Lothgobel, a farming village, was lovely, sort of built around the green space and trees in the center of town. Calembel was elegant and really stands out on the horizon. You can also see the beacons of Gondor from there, so when Myndariel got there she started feeling like she was on the home stretch and just had to follow the beacons to the finish line in Dol Amroth. Tadrent was another place to stop by, look around and help out a few traders before continuing the journey.


The two elven settlements in the Havens of Belfalas were a surprise. Edhellond is overrun by corsairs but it must have been beautiful. And the Cave of the Avorrim ... well I never thought to see elves living underground! It is quite well hidden and elves are survivors so I guess they're just waiting for their chance to get Edhellond back.

Cave of the Avorrim

Finally Dol Amroth, the jewel of the harbour. It is big and beautiful and it has everything there. I love Inzibel's Walk and the Harper's Court - they're very pretty and relaxing places. The crafting area is well laid out and the vault and auction house aren't far away. Unfortunately, there's no mailbox nearby which seems an oversight. The crafting guilds are in the library and the skirmish camp vendors are in the armoury. It's nice to see so many people in the Court of the Fount area, both NPCs and players.

Dol Amroth
Court of the Fount
Corsair ships on the bay

Oh, and the weather forecast in West Gondor is always blue skies and balmy temperatures. Perfect time for heading to the beach ... except that's overrun by corsairs too!

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