Monday, 11 August 2014

Scenic Tour: West Rohan

While East and West Rohan have a lot in common, I think I enjoyed West Rohan more. It was arguably more pretty (especially Fenmarch!) and the story line in each area was interesting, plus there was more freedom to skip around the zone to quest where you want (assuming you were the appropriate level). I spent a lot of time in Broadacres and Westfold, helping the people of Stoke and Marton respectively, and maybe rushed through the other areas a bit too quick, but I can go back to finish them and finish getting rep with the Eorlingas and Helmingas. I'm still working through the events following the flooding of Isengard and getting to know the Ents of Fangorn Forest.


I loved Aldburg, the overgrown hometown of Éomer. I especially liked the layout of the crafting hall, with the crafting guilds downstairs and each room having the crafting stations it needs, while the central main room has the vault, auctioneer, forge/relic master, supplier, mailbox etc. The building itself is beautiful too with the light streaming through the stained glass windows.


Helm's Deep and Big Battles were a stumbling block. They were such a necessary part of the Epic quest line but it was frustrating trying to understand how big battles worked. Eventually I found the videos by Cithryth on Youtube which gave me tips on what to focus on and helped me finish Volume 3, Book 13.

Helm's Deep

Just in case they can help others with big battles:

The last region in West Rohan that I thought was quite interesting was Dunharrow in Kingstead, where the army and refugees are camped out before the doors to the Paths of the Dead. The winding path up the mountain with the carved statues staring out at you was rather ominous, especially at night time.

Púkel-men statues overlooking the Stair of the Hold

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