Sunday, 3 August 2014

Level 100!

Myndariel finally reached level 100 this morning at around 1am. She was just fighting her way out of Abedec's Watch in Havens of Belfalas when it happened. I'm glad now that she spent a little longer in West Rohan until she was level 96 because I've heard quite a few people mention that if they started in West Gondor at level 95, they ran out of quests about halfway through level 99 and then had to do skirmishes or hunt warbands to get the rest of the way.

Entrance to Abedec's Watch
Just after she killed the corsair that made her level 100
This is my first character at max level in LOTRO. I'm looking forward to getting her some of the Dol Amroth slotted gear (the class gear looks like a rehash of lower level gear, so not as interesting) and getting her first First Age legendaries. Now she'll also have time to go back and complete some of the zones she missed while levelling. I'm trying to decide between Great River or finishing off her rep grind in Lothlórien.

I have some alts I'm also keen to level up - my captain (metalsmith) is in Moria at the moment while my warden (woodworker) and minstrel (tailor) are in the Trollshaws. I mostly want them to level up for their crafting abilities - I like my characters to be self-sufficient - but they also have very different playstyles and it's nice to have a change. So you might see some of them popping up in the future.

Here's a quick peek at them:
Captain Minstrel Warden

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