Thursday, 7 August 2014

Myndariel's Wardrobe: Violet Swan-Maiden

The new slotted armour from Dol Amroth looks very nice and I'm sure will be a popular addition to many LOTRO players' wardrobes.

Violet dye has been Myndariel's favourite colour from the beginning, but she's never found the right opportunity to wear an outfit that colour. Until now. The funny thing is that the main part of the outfit didn't even need any dye.

I finally gave up on matching the outfit to the staff or vice versa as it really does limit options, especially when legendary staves seem to have the same appearance for at least 30 levels.

As described on Wandering Around Arda, the Dol Amroth sets have a theme relating to swans and feathers, and you can see that in the robe with the violet "feathers" overlapping through the chest portion, the long white sleeves and skirts reminiscent of the swans' white plumage and long necks, while the dark overlapping "feathers" underneath perhaps remind us of the black swans.

Myndariel is wearing:
  • Chest: Light Nadhin Robe (Dol Amroth or Vol 4, Book 1, Chapter 12 reward)
  • Shoulders: Light Nadhin Shoulders (Dol Amroth or Vol 4, Book 1, Chapter 2 reward)
  • Back: Cloak of the Rescuer (dyed violet, Great River quest reward)
  • Hands: Elven Explorer's Gloves (dyed violet, crafted, Tailor T4)
  • Feet: Wildermore Survivor's Medium Boots (dyed violet, People of Wildermore rep)

I really like the cloak with this outfit because it looks like it's got little twigs and leaves and flowers on it which make me think of the swan's nest. I also like that it doesn't cover the head, but it looks like it could (hood pulled back). It's nice to find a use for some of the Wildermore gear too and the boots have the same violet-white-black as the robe which worked out well.

My reward to Myndariel for reaching 100 was to get her some war-steed accessories because the free options are so limited. So now her steed is white with violet (actually indigo but it looks very close) rune-keeper's tack.

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