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Instances: Great Barrow Cluster

The Great Barrow, also known as Othrongroth, is located in the Southern Barrow-downs in Bree-land. It was once an important burial-ground protected by the Dúnedain of Cardolan but a plague wiped out many of its protectors and the Witch-king of Angmar seized the opportunity to fill it with their minions, with Sambrog as its chief wight.

Entrance to the Great Barrow

The instances here must be completed in order to unlock the next one.

The Maze - 6 person instance

Two paths lead from the entrance to the first boss, the Barrow-wight Caller, who waits at the bottom of the stairs. Clear out the minions by pulling them up the stairs (will reset the boss). The Caller summons several wights who should be dealt with first. When he reaches 20% morale, the boss summons barrow-crawlers who do a knock-back (don't be near the stairs) or burst into poison clouds (difficult to avoid, so may require lots of healing).

The Barrow-wight Caller's room
After a bit more maze (turn left at intersections), Gaerdring and Gaerthel wait at the bottom of another set of stairs. Gaerdring attacks first and summons minions until he dies, then Gaerthel joins the fight.

Gaerdring and Gaerthel's room

Thadúr - 6 person instance

The show starts when the wights at the top of the stairs to the left of the hall entrance has been defeated, but it's better to clear the room first. The wights may cast a stun or apply disease debuffs. Thadúr challenges you to defeat barrow-lights quickly, first 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 (pull them to the middle and AOE, the timer starts from when the first barrow-light is killed).

Hall of the barrow-lights and wights
After defeating the lights, a green glowing tunnel opens on the right side of the hall leading down to a watery room where Thadúr waits. He becomes invincible after each time he loses 25% morale and summons minions which must be defeated to make the boss vulnerable again.

Thadur's room

Sambrog - 6 person instance

In the first room, wights appear upon reaching the top of the stairs across from the entrance. Go through the tunnels and open the Skull Door (requires a Skull Key from completing the first two instances). Clear more tunnels and caverns and finally reach Sambrog's brightly lit room. As you approach, he extinguishes the lamps. The fight with him is fairly easy - stay out of the purple stuff on the ground and kill the fell-spirits that channel green beams of healing at him.

Sambrog's room

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