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Instances: Mirobel Cluster

The Library of Tham Mírdain across the Glanduin River
The School of Tham Mírdain up on the hill

Located in Mirobel, a region in the south-west of Eregion, Tham Mírdain translates as the "Hall of the Jewelsmiths" and is also known as the Ring-forges of Eregion where Celebrimbor and Annatar (Sauron) forged the rings of power in the Second Age. Amarthiel planned to reforge the ring Narchuil here. Her minions are now searching the library for the secrets of ring-lore, while Saruman's minions search the school.

These instances are fairly quick and easy, but still interesting. Soloable at level 100 (as a lore-master, I used my sabre-tooth cat for the trash mobs and let my bear tank the bosses).

The Library at Tham Mírdain - 3 person instance

The Library held ancient lore from the Second Age. It withstood an attack by Sauron against Eregion, but Elrond moved many of the surviving books to Rivendell for safe-keeping.

Ancient books

Clear out the bottom floor of the library, then head upstairs and clear out the two wings, each with a boss. The final boss will then be waiting downstairs in the courtyard. The pale-folk tend to apply lots of poison debuffs. Challenge mode is to not kill the birds in the courtyard before defeating Chieftain Gûrsh.

Central courtyard

The School at Tham Mírdain - 3 person instance

The School was a highly regarded place of learning amongst the Noldor elves in the Second Age, but is now a ruin.

The courtyard

Clear around the edge of the courtyard then move through the middle to defeat Llygad the Blade and his allies. Upstairs Chief Warrior Thurgtârk and his allies guard the door to the classroom. Commander Târsh hides behind a class full of Dunlendings and orcs who have set books on fire (the challenge mode is to extinguish the books before they burn completely). Take out small groups at a time to get to him.

The classroom

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