Friday, 24 October 2014

Adventures of Floid and Dewitt

Floid the Mighty Steed and Dewitt the Explorer are a pair of NPCs that can be found in some remote and scenic locations throughout Middle Earth. There are two exploration deeds related to finding them in all their hiding spots.

The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt

Finding Floid and Dewitt in the following locations grants the title "the Wanderer":

Dunland - looking out over the Dunbog (accessed via a secret passage hidden behind some foliage in the tunnel to the Pristine Glade)
Enedwaith - keeping an eye on the giants of Thrór's Coomb
Evendim - admiring Annúminas from an island SW of Tyl Ruinen
Lone-lands - watching from Weather-top
Lothlorien - overlooking the Celebrant and the Golden Forest
Mirkwood - gazing at the grim Ashenslades, SE of Garmadh-maudhûl
Moria - contemplating the tall sculpture north of Jazârgund

The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt: Part Deux

Finding Floid and Dewitt in the following locations grants the title "the Vagabond":

East Rohan - with a great view of the Argonath
Eregion - from the top of the Redhorn Pass
Forochel - a cold cliff north of Barad Gaurhoth overlooking the bay
The Great River - admiring the Cuthstan from Aster Hill
Misty Mountains - a snowstorm's coming to Goblintown (follow the path to the Black Crack, about halfway is a ledge with 3 rocks and a short tree; hug the cliff to reach another ledge with a fallen tree pointing towards a lower ledge with a big rock - mount-up and jump down!)
Trollshaws - watching over the Bruinen valley from the High Moors
Wildermore - looking across the lake from the frozen waterfall towards distant Forlaw

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