Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hi. I've recently started playing Lord of the Rings Online - it would be fair to say that the Hobbit movies made me want to explore Middle Earth more. I'm loving it, especially the questing with its deep lore, and the scenery.

I've been collecting some screenshots that I'd like to share and I've noticed that there are not many up-to-date guides for classes or crafting, so while I admit I'm a newbie, perhaps I can help other newbies by sharing what I learn as I go.

Myndariel, my level 60 Lore-master and her pet.

My main character is a elven lore-master called Myndariel. She's currently working on completing the epic questline in the Mines of Moria and earning the favour of the Galadhrim in Lothlórien. She enjoys making beautiful jewelry and has recently discovered she hates being underground so makes frequent trips to get fresh air and see the trees, water and sky.

Garo arad vaer! (Have a good day!)

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