Saturday, 21 June 2014

Scenic Tour: Lone-lands

Myndariel took her time in the Lone-lands, helping clear out the half-orcs, goblins, wargs, spiders, trolls and wights. The Eglain were so grateful they gave her a nice a horse. Unfortunately, after spending so much time there, none of my other characters want to do it all again, so they gallop off to North Downs as soon as they can.

Nevertheless, there are some great places in the Lone-lands. Weathertop - one day I will have to go to the concert held there. Iorvinas - Myndariel had fun exploring through there and got lots of useful gear and crafting materials from the dwarves and orcs (who won't be needing them any more). Harloeg - the wetlands are so beautiful at sunset and it was nice to see a forest (even if it was filled with trolls) when so much of the zone is dusty and dry.

It was interesting meeting Radagast the Brown in Agamaur too, and as a Lore-master, earning a Tome of the Hare from completing the Friend of the Wild quest series for him to get my own non-combat pet.

The Forsaken Inn

The Earth-kin camp at Tornstones

Harloeg at sunset

The Red Pass

The dry hills

Prized Eglan-steed from becoming Kindred with the Eglain

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