Friday, 20 June 2014

Scenic Tour: Bree-land

Bree, the place where everyone converges. Myndariel has spent a lot of time there, particularly near the crafting hall. There's always something happening there - a bard entertaining the crowd with beautiful music, a pair of lovers flirting in the doorway, competitor crafters pretending to insult each other's work and start a fight, then laughing over it together with a mug of ale.

Bree-land itself is fertile plains, forests and gently rolling hills. It is green fields, blue lakes, purple flowers, orange sunsets. It is little towns and settlements of people who persevere through adversity, and the ruins dotted around the landscape speak of a long history of adversity.

It's a great place to call home, especially during the early levels of LOTRO.


Nen Harn

Ruins in the Brandy Hills

Staddle - one of the hobbit settlements

Fields of flowers at sunset

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