Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Crafted Bows and Crossbows Gallery Available

Woodworkers can make some lovely bows and crossbows and you can now view them in the Woodworker: Crafted Bows and Crossbows gallery.

There was quite a variety of bow styles - some were smooth, some were spiky, some had jewels, some had vines, some had glowing lights, some had a combination of these. The crossbows were simpler and much more solid-looking, but there were a few stand-outs. The cross-bows were more likely to have glowing lights, mostly red or blue, playing along the limbs.

Glowing blue lights move from tips to center

There was also quite a lot of collision with weapons poking through arms or back, which is a shame but every graphics engine has its limitations. Nevertheless, if I was choosing a weapon for its cosmetic appearance, that would be something to take into consideration.

My favourite bows:

Carved Yew Bow - pretty jewels

Black Ash Bow - nice vines

Wildermore Bow - colourful pattern

My favourite crossbows:

Yew Crossbow - beautifully carved

Smooth Black Ash Crossbow - uniquely leafy

Silver Ilex Crossbow - just wow!

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