Sunday, 29 November 2015

Treasure of the Misty Mountains

Hunting treasure chests in Gondor was so popular, they have added treasures to zones in Eriador such as the Misty Mountains. Low level characters can find the caches, but they won't be able to get credit towards the deed until level 90.

You get quite a few rewards for finding them all ... 10 turbine points, 60 marks, 5 Gift-giver's Brands, a title ("Treasure Seeker of the Misty Mountains"), a virtue (Fortitude) and reputation with Thorin's Hall. The treasure chests contain level 100 equipment and Westemnet crafting materials.

There are 12 Caches hidden in the Misty Mountains. So as to not completely spoil the treasure hunt, I won't give exact locations, but here are some general clues ...

Bruinen Source West (near Snárskrith Dell)

Bruinen Source North

Pinnath Fenui

Bruinen Source West (accessed via High Crag)

Imlad Norn



Northern High Pass (near Hrimbarg)


Northern High Pass (near The Black Crack)

Bruinen Source West (near Frosthyle Pond)

Southern High Pass

Happy hunting!

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