Thursday, 29 October 2015

Level 100 Gear Updated for U17

Last year when West Gondor was released I wrote an article about level 100 gear for Lore-masters. With the arrival of update 17 and a new tier of crafted gear plus new factions, it seems time to reconsider how we gear up, but I'll try to be more general so as to be relevant to all classes.

Skirmish Camps

Item Level 192

Skirmish camps have rare quality level 100 armour, weapons and accessories available for marks and medallions. A few pieces of the rare quality Nadhin armour set with essence slots are also available from the light/medium/heavy armour vendors.

Dol Amroth Faction (West Gondor)

Item Level 192

Dol Amroth offers barterers with incomparable quality armour sets; class-specific sets (including legendary second age weapon) plus light/medium/heavy sets with essence slots for customisation (variations of the essence slot armour may also be available as quest rewards or world drops). These items are purchased with tokens earned by completing quests and daily quests around Dol Amroth.

Scalable Instances

Item Level 192

Scalable instances set to level 100 can drop incomparable quality armour, jewellery and off-hand weapons of the Greater set (or rare quality items of the Potent set) but there are no set bonuses. These items may also be found on the auction house.

World Drops

Item Level 192

Light/medium/heavy sets of incomparable quality gear with set bonuses may drop from mobs or be available from the auction house. For example, the Guardian of Watchwood set of light armour.

With similar stat weightings to the Greater and Potent sets, the uncommon quality Lesser set also drops from mobs and can be found on the auction house.

Epic Battles

Item Level 192-204

Completing the quests in epic battles can reward jewellery of various qualities or tokens that can be used to purchase class-specific jewellery.

The Minas Tirith epic battles can reward epic quality cloaks with an essence slot.

Rangers of Ithilien Faction (East Gondor)

Item Levels 195-198

The quartermaster sells rare quality shoulders and jewellery and incomparable quality off-hand weapons for tokens earned by completing quests and tasks in East Gondor.

Osgiliath Instances (East Gondor)

Item Level 201

The Osgiliath Rewards Vendor sells incomparable quality light/medium/heavy armour sets with essence slots for tokens earned from Osgiliath instances.

Crafting - Tier 10 (Anórien)

Item Level 201

Rare or incomparable quality items can now be crafted with most armour and jewellery having essence slots.

Minas Tirith Fellowships (Old Anórien)

Item Level 204

Fellowships within Minas Tirith have different incomparable armour available for the appropriate tokens (earned by completing daily quests near Minas Tirith). The armour has essence slots.

Builder's Fellowship - head, shoulders, chest
Smith's Fellowship - gloves, legs, feet

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