Sunday, 24 December 2017

The Blameless Burglar of the Yule Festival

My burglar finally left the shores of Lake Evendim for the chilly mountain retreat of Winter-home in Frostbluff and earned herself a Winter Elk and an Ornate Winter Dress. She also stood up to the corrupt mayor and saved the villagers from hunger, unemployment and poverty.

The Winter Elk mount

Ornate Winter Dress (original colour)

Ornate Winter Dress (dyed navy)

My burglar normally wears black but I like this outfit on her. The elk reminds her of Mirkwood and her hopes of returning to Dale soon, so I think she will keep this combination for a while.

There are some other new cosmetic items, such as a Woodland Crown, some puffy shoulders (the Fur Mantle), a tunic outfit (Ornate Jacket and Trousers) and the cloak (Ornate Winter Cloak) but I'm not too keen on them. The Snowball Arena looks like it would be a fun housing addition - it has a cooldown and the flavour text says "Gather your friends for a snowball fight" so I think it's interactive - if only I had a huge yard for it. It would be great for kin houses.

Been there done that, looks like Yule Festival is over for me. Well almost - a few other characters would like the elk mount too.

I was just reminded by LOTRO-Wiki that there are some Yule-themed quests in Thorin's Hall Inn and the Festival Garden in Ered Luin, The Festival Grounds in Bree-land, and the Party Tree and Hobbiton in the Shire. Some of the quests are once-only and some are repeatable, but if you need more festival tokens to buy some cool new items, check them out.

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and holiday season, and best wishes for 2018.

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