Sunday, 22 April 2018

LOTRO's Eleventh Anniversary

I've been taking a break from LOTRO for a few months because I got frustrated questing in Mordor. I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online and Path of Exile instead, but when I heard about LOTRO's 11th Anniversary coming up, Myndariel was quick to return to The Party Tree (a week too early). While I waited for the festival, Myndariel has been levelling in The Wastes instead of Mordor, finished off the last of the epic quests (now completed all four volumes) and bought a premium home in Belfalas because her personal home near Bree is full of decorations collected over time and across Middle Earth.

Myndariel's holiday home in Belfalas
Finally, the 11th Anniversary arrived and to my delight I found Myndariel had heaps of tokens left over from last year so she could buy the new mount and cosmetics straight away. 

Armour of the Waking Wood (front)

Armour of the Waking Wood (back)

I especially like the outfit - it looks beautiful and would probably suit an high elf or Northern Mirkwood theme. The outfit comes with chest-piece, shoulders, gloves and quiver.

Sea-ward Steed

I'm not sure what to think about this steed. It reminds me of Dol Amroth with the little wings around the face and shoulders and the ship on the blanket. I have a hobbit minstrel who really likes that bright blue so she'd probably like sitting on her Sea-ward Steed playing one of the new fiddles - the Bardic Fiddle or the Traveller's Trusty Fiddle. As far as I know, these new fiddles have a greater range of notes that can be played than the original fiddles that were released recently.

Myndariel also got an anniversary present - for playing LOTRO for four years she received the Festive Azure cosmetic outfit. Next year, she'll get the Festive Azure steed.

Festive Azure Dress and Cloak

Festive Azure Tunic and Cloak

The Scavenger Hunt continues! The reward for completing one of the Year 11 scavenger hunts is a Gollum Festival Mask cosmetic item and the Ent Horn emote. Below are some tips on where to go.

For more information about the previous 10 years of scavenger hunt quests and rewards, see my guide to LOTRO's 10th Anniversary.

Year 11 Tales: Gollum

  • Search for the Precious in Gollum's Cave - Goblin-town, Misty Mountains
  • Gather 3 Remembrances in Gollum's Cave - Goblin-town, Misty Mountains
  • Find the open shackles along the road west of Barad-dûr - Dor Amarth, Mordor
  • Find the cell where Gollum was held by wood-elves in Felegoth - Felegoth, Eryn Lasgalen
  • Visit the Memory of the Creature at Garbert's Cottage - Tâl Bruinen, The Trollshaws
  • Find the tree Gollum climbed in pursuit of Frodo on the edge of Lothlórien - Talan Haldir, Nimrodel, Lothlórien
  • Swim in the Anduin south-east of Floodwend - Nîn-stazg, The Wold, East Rohan
  • Gather 2 Remembrances in the Dead Marshes and the Noman-lands - The Dead  Marshes, Western Gondor (base camp and through portal to the Noman-lands)
  • Swim in the Forbidden Pool - Henneth Annûn, North Ithilien
  • Listen to Gossip in one of the markets of Dale - Dale, Dale-lands
  • OPTIONAL: Visit the Memory of the Ring-bearer south of the Camp of the Host and experience the session "The Precious, At Last" - North Ithilien

Year 11 Travels: Ruins of Middle Earth

  • Gather 24 Remembrances (remembrances available shown in brackets below)
  • Explore the ruins of Midgewater Marsh - Marshwater Fort, Midgewater Marsh, Bree-land (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of the Misty Mountains - Iskeld's Lookout, Bruinen Source West, Misty Mountains (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of Annúminas - Gwaelband, Annúminas, Evendim (x2)
  • Explore the ruins of the Barrow-downs - Ost Gorthad, Southern Barrow-downs, Bree-land (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of Emyn Lûm - Ost Galadh, Emyn Lûm, Mirkwood (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of Bâr Húrin - South Ithilien, Eastern Gondor (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of Haerondir - Noman-lands, The Wastes (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of South Ithilien  - Brangobel, South Ithilien, Eastern Gondor (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of Lebennin - Ruins of Ethillorn, Lebennin, Central Gondor (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of South Trollshaws - Ost Dúrgonn, South Trollshaws, The Trollshaws (x3)
  • Explore the ruins of the Trollshaws - Echad Gauradan, Tâl Bruinen, The Trollshaws (x2)
  • Explore the ruins of Kingsfell - Ost Lagoros, Kingsfell, The North Downs (x2)

Year 11 Trifles: Long List of the Ents

(I needed some help from Lotro-Wiki to find these ones)
  • Eldest of all, the elf-children - House of Celeborn, Caras Galadhon, Lothlórien
  • Dwarf the delver, dark are his houses - The Endless Stair, Foundations of Stone, Moria
  • Ent the earthborn, old as mountains - Wellinghall, Entwood, West Rohan
  • Man the mortal, master of horses - Meduseld, Edoras, West Rohan
  • Beaver the builder - Dale-lands (below waterfall NE of Dale)
  • Buck the leaper - High Moor, The Trollshaws (NW of hunter's camp site)
  • Bear bee-hunter - Buckland, Bree-land
  • Boar the fighter - The Greenway, North Downs (NW of the Tarkrîp Assault Camp)
  • Hound is hungry - Bree Mess Hall, Bree, Bree-land
  • Hare is fearful - Field of Cormallen, North Ithilien (near river)
  • Eagle in eyrie - Dómstoll, Misty Mountains
  • Ox in pasture - Starkmoor, Dunland (on a hill SE of Cartrev Andras)
  • Hart horn-crowned - Eryn Lasgalen (near bridge NW of Caras Tilion)
  • Hawk is swiftest - Torech Andraug, Eregion
  • Swan the whitest - Wyrmdenn, Rushgore, The Great River
  • Serpent coldest - Tyrn Fornech, Evendim (near border with Forochel)
  • The hobbit children, the laughing-folk, the little people - The Party Tree, The Shire


  1. Do you need a hand in Mordor? Not sure of what server you are on, but I have a Hunter ready to dive in to Mordor. Like you, I leveled him in the wastes, so he could have a fair chance. But company is always nice to have!

    1. Thanks for the offer. That's one of the greatest things about the LOTRO community - there are so many nice people willing to help each other. Good luck with your hunter in Mordor. :)