Thursday, 23 November 2017

Developer's Letter: Beyond Mordor

We've just got a letter from the Executive Producer of LOTRO and I'm excited. We're going to Northern Mirkwood and Dale and Erebor and Laketown and Thranduil's Court! There's all these places on the map of Middle Earth we've heard about but never seen and maybe next year, we'll get to see some of them. I can't wait! I love exploring and visiting new places.

Also, I have a burglar from Dale who got caught stealing jewellery and brought shame to her family, so she got sent to live with an aunt in Bree. She's been trying to make up for her past but she never thought she'd get to see her hometown or family again. Now I'll have to level her up so she can go home a hero!

It's great to hear there will be new additions to the Anniversary event and Summer Festival and the quest-line that began with Bingo Boffin at Harvestmath will continue. I love holiday events but they need to keep updating so they don't get boring "been there, done that". It sounds like we'll be able to get an elk mount at the Yule festival, and if so, that will definitely be on my wish-list. First horses and goats, then reindeer and now elks - mounts are slowly getting more variety.

There's a new raid coming out before the end of the year, The Abyss of Mordath. I haven't raided for a long time, but it sounds like it has a really interesting story behind it that makes me want to see it.

One disappointment is that there are lots of new housing decorations being added, but many will be locked behind the raid and Gorgoroth lootboxes. Grrr. I'm grateful that housing is getting more attention, but I wish nice decorations were more readily available - they're mostly either gated behind limited time holiday events, high level content or the LOTRO store. Why can't low level characters enjoy decorating their houses too? The Housing Furnishers in the housing neighbourhoods have a very limited range. We don't all have the patience of elves for slowly collecting one piece of nice furniture now and then over years and years. I think I've been spoilt by housing dimensions in Rift, as no other MMO housing system I've seen has been anywhere near as comprehensive or accessible.

Musicians will finally be able to play the fiddle! Imagine the concerts as bards all over Middle Earth embrace the instrument and compose new songs! Will it have any special effects for minstrels? Will woodworkers be able to craft fiddles? Will this be the beginning of a new golden age for Middle Earth music?!?

Oh and Dwarves and Hobbits will be getting their avatar makeovers. Some of my women and elves weren't very happy with their new look, but I've either got used to it now or visited the barber to make small adjustments. Overall I don't think the makeovers were worth it; it's not like the characters went from looking awful to looking amazing. More appearance options would have been just as good as changing the base avatars. I guess it was something that players demanded for a long time and the developers felt like they had to do it.

Well, it seems there is a lot planned for 2018. I really need to get a few characters through Mordor so they can continue the journey beyond. And I need to level up my burglar - she's only 30. Maybe I can do a levelling marathon over the Christmas holidays? I can't believe this year is almost over!  

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  1. Hi, I just love letters from Executive Producer - I am always looking forward the new one :). I just found your blog and I really like it. I am excited about Mordor - I am already levelling my second character in it (High elf - yey :D) and I just can´t wait for new raid.