Monday, 25 April 2016

LOTRO's 9th Anniversary

Lotro's 9th Anniversary is here (April 22 to May 8) and Robinya is keen to take part in the festivities and collect some more mounts. They have a wicked-looking Windfells Goat I want - it looks like the Druggavar from Enedwaith, so different from the other goat mounts. Robinya also likes the new fireworks anniversary cloak as it almost matches the colours from her farmer's faire outfit - two of her favourite events of the year.

Anniversary Mounts at Hengstacer Farm (also available at Market Square in Bree)
Fire Flower Cloak

Several of my other characters have got involved too. My rune-keeper was thrilled to get the Steed of the Woodland Realm to match her turquoise and gold dress, and my original beorning got a new black outfit that would look good with the black goat (she'd been neglected for a while, so it was good to get excited about playing her again too).

Steed of the Woodland Realm
Windfells Goat

Tokens can be earned from repeatable quests - it looks like you can get at least 20 tokens per day, so it shouldn't be too difficult to earn enough for a couple of mounts, costumes and/or decorations. There is also the Anniversary Event quest that takes you to the main event locations and some deeds for lighting fireworks or brawling in the Thorin's Hall Festival Arena that reward tokens once per character.  

Quests starting in Bree near the market:
  • Lost Invitations (2 tokens - and the envelopes aren't blowing around this year)
  1. Gift - A Delicate Bracelet (1 token) starts in Bree, finishes in Combe
  2. Gift - Delicious Pastries (1 token) starts in Combe, finishes in Combe
  3. Gift - Beautiful Carving (1 token) starts in Combe, finishes in Michel Delving
  4. Gift - A New Hammer (1 token) starts in Michel Delving, finishes in Hobbiton
  5. Gift - A Dwarf Shield (1 token) starts in Hobbiton, finishes in Frérin's Court
  6. Gift - A Lucky Goat's Horn (1 token) starts in Frérin's Court, finishes in Thorin's Hall
  7. Gift - A Pint of Ale (1 token) starts in Thorin's Hall, finishes in Bree

Quests starting in Bree at the fireworks area near the farms:
  • Sparking an Interest (2 tokens) - server day-time only, repeatable every 3 hours
  • Fireworks in Bree (2 tokens) - server night-time only, repeatable every 30 minutes

Quests starting in the Shire at the Methel Stage:
  • Fireworks in the Shire (1 token) - there needs to be at least 3 people doing the quest at the same time or the quest fails: "Not enough fireworks were launched to impress the crowd."

Quests starting in the Festival Arena at Thorin's Hall (quests repeatable every 3 minutes while beer-fight is active - best way to farm tokens as long as there are plenty of people participating):
  • The Mightiest Blow (Basic) - 1 token
  • The Mightiest Blow (Intermediate) - 2 tokens
  • The Mightiest Blow (Expert) - 3 tokens

And don't forget the anniversary races:
  • The Delving Fields Anniversary Run (2 tokens) at The Delving Fields, The Shire
  • The Bree-fields Anniversary Run (2 tokens) at The Festival Grounds,  Bree-land  

Happy Anniversary LOTRO!

UPDATED 27/4/16 - I just opened a Lost Invitation and found a War-steed Cosmetic Set - Reveller's Gilded Appearance! This includes a halter, caparison, saddle and accessory. Wow - what a nice surprise! And something for my character to look forward to as she is only level 40 (the items are all character-bound).

UPDATED 28/4/16 - Robinya just got the Reveller's Gilded war-steed cosmetic set too! Here's how it looks:
Reveller's Gilded Appearance

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