Sunday, 8 May 2016

Scenic Tour: Far Anorien

The new zone has a similar climate and architecture to Gondor and Old Anórien. In Taur Drúadan I found my normal horse was more useful than the war-steed because of its extra maneuverability in narrow spaces - the area is heavily forested and quite mountainous. The main road also leads right through enemy encampments, and many of the quests involve traveling back and forth across the region.

Taur Drúadan

There is only one stable-master in Taur Drúadan, at the War-stead of the King's Men - I hope they add one near Drû Bhûta, as these are the two main quest hubs.

The Drúadain/Wose are a new race, associated with the Púkel-men statues seen in West Rohan near Dunharrow. If I understand it correctly, they call themselves the Drúadain, but the Rohirrim call them the Wose. In any case, they like to laugh, play drums and have unique marriage ceremonies!

Drû Bhûta - a Wose village

The Beacon Hills is a welcome change after the wilderness - more open, rolling foothills, but also more mounted orcs. The hills look out over wetlands along the River Entwash. In the west is West Rohan, to the north is the Falls of Rauros and East Rohan, and in the distance to the north-east is the Dead Marshes.

The Beacon Hills
Looking towards the Dead Marshes

The main settlement is Ost Rimmon, which seems cluttered and poorly laid out at the base of Min-rimmon, one of the seven Northern beacon-hills in Gondor.  

Ost Rimmon

I feel like I've been ripped off with the Far Anórien region pack. It was so much more expensive than other region packs and has so little to offer. The instances and a promise of a raid do not justify the high price either. We finally get a level cap increase after several years at level 100, and it wasn't worth it. There's nothing new and exciting to look forward to at level 105. Farming instances for essences and essence gear? No thanks. The debacle with the level 101+ legendary items that are not supposed to be any better than level 100 items hasn't helped either but rather caused confusion and disillusionment with the legendary item progression system.

I can only wait for them to add more content in future updates, but in the meantime I'm going back to leveling lower level characters through zones that are overflowing with content and lore and interesting things to do and see and collect compared to Far Anórien.

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