Sunday, 17 April 2016

Scenic Tour: Eastern Gondor

Until recently, Eastern Gondor was somewhere I passed through on the way to Minas Tirith or if I wanted to collect some Anórien resources (lots of nodes and not a lot of mobs). In leveling Myndariel up to 105, I decided to catch up on the Epic Quest which did a good job of guiding me through the zone.

First, Upper Lebennin and a visit to Tumladen to check in on the refugees from Minas Tirith. Tumladen is a large city but it feels rather empty and spacious, nestling into the mountains and spreading out on both sides of the river Sirith. It shares the name with the vale of Tumladen in Beleriand, which was the site of the hidden elven city, Gondolin, built by Turgon in the First Age. *updated*

The entrance to Tumladen at night

Lossarnach is beautiful - so many pretty trees and bushes and wildflowers amongst the grass in a riot of colour. The best blossom of Lossarnach must be Imloth Melui - Myndariel wouldn't mind retiring there after the war; her pets could roam the gardens and protect the town while she could help the healers in the Hall of the Gentle Hand or work with the Captain of the Guard training new recruits.

The entrance to Imloth Melui
The central fountain in Imloth Melui
Forests of Lossarnach
Luntil's Ferry

Luntil helps allies of the Rangers of Ithilien cross the Anduin river into South Ithilien. The Rangers have set up camp at Bâr Húrin, but the inhabitants of the area have fled the invading Haradrim and their mûmakil.

South Ithilien
Mûmakil in Ithilien

Finally, the Rangers send you to Osgiliath and the Osgiliath Culverts to look for Captain Faramir. Osgiliath is ruined and swarming with enemies - orcs, trolls, mûmakil, Easterlings, Unseen, corrupted beasts and more.

The Great Bridge
Rómendacil's Square

The entrance to the Culverts is right in the middle and there are several dungeon instances, but no Faramir. The Rangers of Ithilien still hope to find their missing Captain and delay the enemy's onslaught against Minas Tirith.

Eastern Gondor is diminished by the Dawnless Day and destruction spreading across the region, but it must have been lovely before the War of the Ring, and no doubt will be again after.


  1. Goodness gracious! Tumladen is no where near the site of Gondolin... Where this absurd notion comes from is beyond me.

  2. My apologies, you're right. Apparently there were two places called Tumladen and I thought they were the same. I shall endeavour to do more thorough research next time.