Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Crafted Daggers Gallery Available

My burglar was happy to show off her crafted daggers, but only in the shadows of the forges of Thorin's Hall for some sneaky reason. You can now view the daggers gallery too.

The daggers were very simple and very similar at low levels. The Supreme tier daggers were my favourite with their unique shapes, gold and jewels. Fortunately, the higher tiers also showed some interesting variations in weapon shape.

Typical Low-level Dagger

Supreme Tier Dagger

Level 75 Dagger

I expect the legendary daggers will show off some more bling. I'll have to look out for nice quest rewards too. My burglar wants to fill her lair with dangerous but beautiful weapons that will prove she has robbed rich and powerful villains and lived to tell the tale (whispered in dark alleys and shady taverns).

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