Thursday, 10 September 2015

Crafted Weapons Gallery Coming Soon

Return of the Lore-master

Hi. I took a break from LOTRO after the release of Central and Eastern Gondor. Mostly I felt disappointed with the quality of the releases. However, after some time away I started to miss Middle Earth. My interest was also piqued when they announced the imbued legendary items and cosmetic weapons. So I'm gradually getting back into the game again, especially since the Farmer's Faire (my favourite holiday event).

Cosmetic Weapons and Gallery Coming Soon

I know I kept a couple of staves that I got as quest rewards while levelling Myndariel because they looked cool but I'm sure there's a lot more nice looking weapons out there and since I like crafting I'm going to focus on crafted weapons and showcase them in a gallery like I've done with armour, to make it easier to find good looking swords, daggers, axes, bows, spears, staves and shields ... did I forget anything? Probably. In any case, my craftsmen will dust off their tools and get to work very soon in the crafting hall of Bree.

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