Saturday, 12 September 2015

1H Swords Gallery Available

The first crafted weapons gallery is here! I've started with one-handed swords which you can view on the Weaponsmith: Crafted 1H Swords page.

I found that the swords blades are, in general, fairly simple designs but there are some interesting hilts. Unfortunately, you don't really see them unless you're up close to the character and they have drawn their sword - in which case you better hope they don't intend to use it against you!

Some of the swords that stood out to me as more interesting include the Elven-steel Sword which was narrow with a delicate cross-guard and the Sword of the Mark which had a more bronze-coloured blade than most, while the Wildermore and Fangorn swords had some of the nicest hilts.

Elven-steel Sword

Sword of the Mark

Wildermore Sword

Fangorn Sword

I haven't included the crafted legendary weapons as I think I'll cover them separately, maybe by class rather than by weapon type. For the legendary weapon galleries I'd probably also include the dropped and vendor legendaries so that they're all together.

What have I got myself into? For someone who is not an artist I see a lot of galleries in the future!

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