Saturday, 12 September 2015

1H Axes Gallery Available

Following quick on the heels of the 1H swords gallery, the 1H axes gallery is now available to view on the Weaponsmith: Crafted 1H Axes page.

None of my characters normally wield an axe, but there were several axes I liked, particularly the double-sided axes such as the Heavy Iron Axe and the Elven-steel Axe. I can definitely see a dwarf guardian swinging it side-to-side through a crowd of clamouring goblins. Also useful for chopping wood for a campfire - and showing off your battle prowess to your comrades while drinking ale and singing loudly and badly - another favourite past-time of dwarves.

Heavy Iron Axe

Elven-steel Axe

Amongst the other axes, the Thain's Axe, Westfold Axe and the Axe of the Mark are quite detailed and interesting. The Axe of the Rider and Wildermore Axe are also unique.

Thain's Axe

Westfold Axe

Axe of the Mark

Oh, and there was also one that was unbelievably ugly ... the Sellsword's Axe. It reminds me of someone doing the sign of the horns, but with a blade along one edge. Maybe the weapon was supposed to be particularly good at warding against the evil eye (Eye of Sauron) and killing his minions? It does Westernesse damage, which is strong against The Dead, Unseen and Gaunt Men. Coincidence? Probably not.

Sellsword's Axe

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