Saturday, 4 August 2018

Free-to-play Progress

After levelling 10 free-to-play classes to level 20, I had enough LOTRO points to get several characters riding and I bought the Evendim quest pack. After taking a few classes through Evendim, I was able to get the Angmar pack and so I have taken a hunter to level 50 and completed Volume 1 of the epic quest and had a great time. I must say, hunters are a fantastic choice for completing the epic quest because their travel skills make it so easy to get around, and they didn't have too much difficulty with any of the quests. It was also nice to revisit Angmar thoroughly - usually I'm rushing to get to Moria around level 46 or so, but the instances in Angmar are awesome, hence why I wrote some guides to them - I had fun there and I hope you will too.

Carn Dûm in Angmar

As part of the epic quest, my hunter went to Eregion and I was surprised to find that even though I hadn't unlocked the quest pack, I was able to get some LOTRO points for some exploration deeds and the Tham Mírdain instances. Unfortunately, climbing to the lookout on top of the Hollin hills didn't count, but there's still a great view to enjoy.

My hunter on top of the Hollin Ridge

After levelling a hunter to 50, now I want to level all the other classes to 50 on my free-to-play account. I've started with the burglar and she's in her early 30s now. Such a completely different play-style to the hunter really makes it feel like a fresh new experience even though I'm doing the same quests. I was worried about the burglar not having many AOE or ranged skills, but she's managing just fine.

I've been saving up my LOTRO points to get the Moria expansion, so I can get all the quests, instances, the Rune-keeper, Warden and two more character slots per server. I was half-way there, then they had the summer sales and the Eriador bundle was 75% off. Such an amazing good deal I just had to get it even though it cost me all my points. That gives me an extra 5 zones I can quest through and lots more opportunities to earn LOTRO points, so I think it's worth it, but it will take a bit longer to get to Moria.

I've almost finished levelling my new warden (on my VIP account) to level 20 for the Introducing X Class Series. I've been impressed with the environmental changes in Bree-land, especially around Archet and Combe, but also in the Old Forest. It looks really nice and adds a lot of atmosphere - Archet seems more tranquil, Combe more industrious and the Old Forest is more creepy. It's great to see the developers giving some of the older graphics a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. LOTRO continues to be the game I take the most screenshots in because there are so many beautiful places where the lighting and water reflections and scenery just makes me go "Wow! I wish was there."

Updated Archet lake

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  1. Ohh, the Warden! I'll just leave my character in the Stockade till you have that guide finished :)