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Instances: Angmar Cluster

Angmar is where the major confrontations with the Witch-King's minions take place in Volume 1 of the Epic Quest, and likewise, the instances here are also epic.

Barad Gúlaran - 6 person instance (level 50)

Barad Gúlaran

The shortest instance, Barad Gúlaran is a fortified tower in the barren wasteland of Angmar where the Witch-King and his servants studied dark arts.

Forvengwath's chamber

The first boss, Forvengwath, is at the end of a large hall with a fiery floor. Go around the sides and defeat his guards. He casts a strong aura of dread, so hope tokens may be helpful. He also summons minions who will heal him if they reach him.

There is a side-hall to the west with stairs leading up to a library. In there is Coblaith, the Gúlaran Sorceress. She drops a piece of Withered Parchment with tips on defeating the Rogmul, and a Staff of Dark Shadows which will also weaken him. On the east, is another library with Afraig, the Gúlaran Sorceress. She also drops a Withered Parchment and a Scroll of Ruin to use against the Rogmul.

Upstairs leads to the Solar, partially open to the sky, where the wraith Castellan Wistán presides. The sense of dread increases as the fight goes on, so burn him down quickly. He drops a Castellan's Chest Key to open the chest beside him. Inside is the Horn of Arnor and a Withered Parchment, for weakening the Rogmul, and the Key to the Summoning Chamber.

The Summoning Chamber

The Summoning Chamber is beyond the doors Forvengwath guarded. Inside, Múlvuirë the High Sorceress has Udúnion the Rogmul bound. He fought with Thaurlach during the Breaking of Thangorodrim at the end of the First Age, but was captured by wizards and banished to the realm of shadow. Now he seeks freedom.

When you approach, Múlvuirë cries that we're all doomed if Udúnion gets free. Then she guesses that you have a powerful staff and she wants it, so she sends her three Caretakers after you. When that doesn't work, she sends tormented spirits and then attacks you herself.

As soon as she is defeated, Udúnion starts casting streams of fire, so avoid these as well as the fiery immolation zone in the middle of the room. When he calls out his signature ability, get to the appropriate sigil on the ground, use the item to interrupt him, and cleanse any debuffs he applies or it is instant death.

When he calls:
  • "Shadow take you!" - use the Staff of Dark Shadows on the West sigil.
  • "Burn!" - use the Horn of Anor on the North sigil.
  • "Come dark fire!" - use the Scroll of Ruin on the East sigil.

This is a tricky battle with precise timing required. The events can happen very quickly so stay alert.

Carn Dûm - 6 person instance (level 50)

Carn Dûm seen from near Tármunn Súrsa
Entrance to the instance

Carn Dûm is a massive fortified city in the north-west of Angmar that was the Witch-King's strong-hold, and is still controlled by forces loyal to Sauron. The instance is part of the city and is accessed by winding streets full of trolls, orcs, goblins, wargs and Angmarim who don't take kindly to visitors (or, via the instance finder).

There are several short-cuts to various areas if you have the right keys.

Once inside, the path leading towards the castle is blocked by a gate that requires the Ornate Grate Key. Without that, take the path to the left heading down to the huts in the Slave-pens near the toxic water.

Head downhill towards the Slave-pens

In the cliff-face is an iron gate which requires the Iron Grate Key. Without that, take the ramp nearby past the Fell-water Source to another iron gate guarded by Urro. Defeating him unlocks the gates to the Carn Dûm Sewers.

The sewers are home to leeches and stealthy hornblowers on the raised platform. The passage way opens onto a ledge where trolls and pale-folk are mining the cliffs under Angmarim supervision. Be careful not to get knocked off the ledge! Eventually there is a Gorthorog Guardian and when he is defeated you hear Baraschal call out. Fight past the Guardians and eventually the path will lead up to Baraschal himself.

Baraschal's Domain

He causes dread and tries to heal himself and knock you back. When defeated he drops the Ornate Grate Key.

Head back down. There's a place where you can drop off one platform onto a platform below it with two doors - the one on the left says "Gate" and the one on the right says "Ornate Grate". The Ornate Grate door will take you back into another part of the Sewers, with bigger leeches and Merreveil. One path leads you to some optional Merreveil elites (Bolgrukh, Zûrtith and Tarbâm), the other path leads to a large underground chamber with Helchgam in the middle.


Defeat any tentacles and make your way around the pool to the other side of the cave. He pulls down a pillar and you can get close enough to damage him, but once he grabs onto the floating pillar its time to get back to shore, before he pulls you under along with the pillar. Defeat more tentacles near the next pillar and then he pulls that one down for you to attack him. After a few pillars you should be able to defeat him.

Exit via the tunnel on the opposite side of the cave from where you entered. It will take you back into another part of the Sewers then follow the left path, but when you see the door that requires an Iron Grate Key, turn right towards the entrance to a ruined tower.

Iron Grate door to the left, ruined tower to the right

Climb the stairs until you see the torches with a gate at the end of the hall, hear Sálvakh talking and see pale-folk. Clear the side rooms. Approach the boss and he will call some Angmarim to help him. Once defeated, the gate opens revealing another door behind it.

The door opens to a courtyard ahead with Avalgaith surrounded by High Priestesses. There is also a path leading uphill to the north and a path leading south towards some Angmarim guarding a housing area. Go north to a cave with Merreveil and Azgoth. She causes dread and drops the Iron Grate Key which will be useful. Return to the edge of the courtyard. If you have the quest to rescue Erscin, take the path south to the Duvárdain Quarter. If not, or once completed, enter the courtyard but stay away from the boss.

Avalgaith (the Cargûl in red) surrounded by priestesses and mobs

Clear out the Gorthorog and other mobs around the edge first. When you approach the boss, he will call on the healers and become invincible and cast an aura of dread. Attack a priestess and she will summon several pale-folk and then join the attack herself. Once all priestesses are defeated Avalgaith will attack. He has the Terrible Retribution buff - he will reflect Shadow damage at anyone who uses Common, Westernesse, Ancient Dwarf or Fire damage. Once defeated, a small gate beside a banner opens.

The path winds between some buildings then out onto a wide street with a gate that requires the Ornate Grate Key to the south (leading to the entrance), and a gate requiring the Iron Grate Key to the north (leading to the castle). Head north.

Tárlakh guards the inner gate to the castle. He summons waves of Angmarim from behind you then attacks. You enter the castle and come into a room full of occupied cells. The door at the end of the room is locked. Clear out the cells and Târlug will come through the locked door to investigate. Stairs lead to a similar room but the cells are empty, and there is an aura of dread. Mormoz and several Merreveil hang from the chandelier in the middle of the room! Focus on Mormoz because when the Merreveil take damage and drop down they run to the cells and summon bats.

Continue upstairs. Rodakhan is sleeping on the floor in the middle of a chamber, with Angmarim and Dúvardain in cells around the room. Defeat them first or she will summon them to aid her. When she is almost defeated, she becomes invincible and collapses. Múra then comes and heals her to full health. Defeat Múra then defeat Rodakhan.

Rodakhan at rest

Continue upstairs and Gúrthul the wraith waits ominously in the middle of the room. He has the Terrible Retribution buff and an aura of dread and splits into 6 spirits that attack one by one, each calling out a particular class to stun for 30 seconds. After the 6 spirits, Gúrthul reforms in the middle and can be defeated.

Continue upstairs and you come to a hallway, with a door to the right. The long hallway to the left leads to another door that opens to the Witch-King's Watch, a balcony that looks out over Carn Dûm.

View from the Witch-King's Watch balcony

Once you reach that door, turn around and open the doors along the corridor. A group of Angmarim, then bats and Morroveil, then Gorthorogs and a Cargûl will come out of the side rooms. After the Cargûl, the final door will open to reveal the Witch-King's throne room.

Seat of the Witch-King

Mordirith is on the throne. He is impressed you made it so far, but he wants to prove he's stronger. Make sure you have hope tokens for this and possibly power potions. He goes through many phases, splitting into different forms at times: ghosts, crawling hands, forest-trolls, giants. Some forms will try to knock you back into the lava. Eventually he calls on Mordor for aid and the pattern of the Eye of Sauron glows on the floor and he gains a strong dread debuff. He summons several fallen spirits and tries to remove any hope effects so that you'll be weakened. Use defensive cooldowns if needed and burn him down.

Urugarth - 6 person instance (level 50)

Entrance to Urugarth

Urugarth is a fortress on the outskirts of Carn Dûm, home to some of Angmar's armies.

Near the entrance

Upon entering, there are three paths: A bridge on the left, a bridge in the middle and a path leading uphill towards the entrance on the right.

The bridge on the left is guarded by a few goblins. Across the bridge is a flock of birds and two Uruk bosses, Sorkrank and Burzfîl. They summon more birds during the fight.

The path on the right leads to Dushkâl's Lair, the feasting-hall of Dushkâl, the leader of the Krahjarn trolls and his followers. He summons a few allies who try to smash you with their giant maces.

The bridge in the middle will take you to Akrûr, the leader of the goblins, who tries to heal himself. Once defeated, a gate opens on the left beside his platform and leads you onwards.

Akrur's Throne; left gate to Lhugrien's Roost, right gate to Gríshakrum
Lhugrien's Roost

Some goblins stand on the bridge until they are incinerated by Lhugrien returning to roost on the mountain beyond. Defeat the hatchlings and wardens, then Lhugrien flies down for revenge.

There is a door to Asht-Shâpol that requires a Steel Key. Without the key, return back to Akrûr's throne and a gate has opened on the other side. The path leads downhill and Gríshakrum and some orcs dance around a bonfire. Just a little further down the hill is the South-western Foul Idol. There are five foul idols and near each one is a torch to burn them down (which summons three guards from Lagmas' Court). The Central Foul Idol is directly east of the first idol. The path then continues northwards through some guarded gateways to the Northern Foul Idol which overlooks a sickly green waterfall.

The path leads to the Urugarth Kennels which is full of wargs and ruled over by Athpukh and his pet Lâmkarn. You fight the wargs first, then Athpukh.

Urugarth Kennels

Head back past the Northern Foul Idol and turn left at the gateway. It leads to a bridge and a path heading down towards the green river. Follow the path north by the river to the Fell-water Falls and the North-western Foul Idol. Follow the path back, under the bridge and continue south along the river, across a low bridge to the Southern Foul Idol. Head back to the big bridge.

The bridge to Lagmas' Court

The bridge leads to Lagmas' Court.  Just before the entrance to the courtyard, a path leads down beside the river. At the end of that path, Gruglok and two allies are waiting on a mesh platform over the green water. As you approach, they disappear through a door, the gate closes behind you and you feel a sense of dread as you are trapped in an arena and waves of mobs attack. Finally Gruglok attacks and once he is defeated, you obtain the Steel Key needed to open the door to Asht-Shâpol.

Gruglok's arena

In Lagmas' Court, Morthrâng the Uruk and his trolls Brízrip and Thordragh await, along with additional guards (depending on how many foul idols you burnt). If you enter the court they will all attack at once, but you may be able to pull smaller groups from range or by using crowd control.

The ramp at the back of the courtyard leads to the door to Asht-Shâpol. Even outside the door, you feel a strong sense of dread. Inside is Lagmâs and his birds. He started out in the Ettenmoors but proved to be such a tyrant he was promoted to commanding the armies of Urugarth. He has an aura of Piercing Talons that reflects 15% of damage and his birds slow your attacks.

The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu - 12 person instance (level 50)

Entrance to the The Rift
Inside the entrance

Angmar's armies seek to mine the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu in the far north-east to make weapons, but they have uncovered the Eldgang - fire-giants - and an ancient evil that should not have been disturbed. This is a very story-driven instance. All the bosses have a dread aura so hope tokens are recommended.

The miner slaves and overseers are afraid of displeasing their tyrannical masters Barz and Zurm. As you reach the bottom level of Bornabar, you find miners taunting a friendly giant called Asmólf of the Eldgang. He asks you to defeat Barz and Zurm before they can dig into his home.

Asmólf under attack by miners

Barz and Zurm are at the opposite ends of Bornabar but both summon slaves to aid them. Once defeated, Asmólf leads you to the Eldgang camp in Upper Nuruidor. They ask you to help defeat the Ghâshfra - fire orcs - who have invaded their home. You find the troll Frûz and his minions not far away. He summons allies whose presence give him the Strength in Numbers buff which heals him.

The Eldgang home in Upper Nuruidor
Zogtark and the fire drakes

In Lower Nuruidor, Zogtark and his minions are trying to control fire-drakes. If you get close to his elder fire-drakes he will fight to defend and heal them, while the drakes cast fireballs at you.

Behind the drakes was a door that leads to the Norbar Approach, which is a lava pit. At the end of the islands (defeat the fumaroles ASAP to reduce fire damage taken) is the Ever-Seer (who has a very strong dread aura) reproaching Narnûlubat. Starting the fight is tricky. You have to step onto the platform near the Ever-Seer, and kite Narnûlubat away from the Ever-Seer and the fire Seers, but not too far or he resets. He hits hard and reflects all damage while the fire Seers live, so the tank will need lots of healing. Wait for the Ever-Seer to leave, then eliminate any Darklings approaching the void hole and the fire Seers (from range because they have a fire aura) to remove the protection from the boss so that he can be defeated.

The Ever-Seer and Narnûlubat

The door opens into Norbar. The Shadow-Eater and Stone-biter are visible behind a gate, so make sure everyone is ready before opening it. Defeat any Darklings that approach and aim to defeat both bosses at the same time as defeating the Stone-biter first causes several adds to spawn. The Shadow-Eater also casts Channelling the Void for a short while which deals shadow damage to anyone nearby.

Thrang's arena

The next door leads into a fiery arena and the Ever-Seer is giving orders to Eimyr of the Eldgang to destroy "the little people" (i.e. you) who have brought the orcs. He agrees to obey despite his doubts. After you descend the stairs into the arena, Eimyr will attack. He will need to be kited (but avoid hurting him) while waves of fire-orcs attack from the stairs. Defeat the fire-orcs and Eimyr starts to believe you are more friend than foe and leaves. Thrâng, the leader of the Ghâshfra, and four shamans arrive. Defeat the shamans first so Thrâng is no longer invincible or reflects all damage. He still has the Tempered by Flame buff which reduces the damage he takes, so kite him near a fumarole to remove the buff. He occasionally deals a fire AOE that stuns anyone nearby. Once he is defeated Eimyr returns with the Eldgang and thanks you.

The Eldgang no longer trust the lying Ever-Seer. Thaurlach the Balrog has plagued the Eldgang for centuries, until Glathlírel the Elf and the Blue Wanderers chained him up. Now the Ever-Seer wants to set the Balrog free for his own purposes.

Thaurlach's prison

You enter the Gorthban Approach which leads to Thaurlach's prison. Inside Gorthban itself, you meet Glathlírel and she tells you her history, then takes you to check on Thaurlach. He is agitated and getting stronger, and the water has been corrupted. You must protect her from Darklings and World-eaters while she purifies the water. Once done, she returns to Thaurlach, just as he breaks free from his chains.

Note: if Glathlírel dies, it's an instant wipe.

Group Strategy:

Ever-Seer's room at the back

A tank and a healer stay to keep the elf alive, while everyone else runs to the Ever-Seer's room behind Thaurlach. In there, defeat the Darklings then damage the Ever-Seer and remove any debuffs he applies. Once defeated, turn levers 2 and 3 to unlock the door and remove the Eldritch Renewal healing buff on Thaurlach then return to the elf. Thaurlach will cast Baleful Roar which removes any hope buffs and causes shadow damage. Position him so DPS can avoid his frontal melee AOE attacks and tail swipe. As his health drops he will cast random effects (like dealing more damage or healing) and occasionally put debuffs on anyone in front of him. Once his health gets down to 50k, he starts flying around and landing with an AOE splash that is instantly fatal to anyone nearby touched by the toxic water. When he gets down to 10k he will attack the elf so needs to be taunted off her ASAP, then finish him off quickly.

Solo Strategy:

A high level ranged player could potentially solo Thaurlach if they:
  • stand behind and to the side of him (be in position before he gets free from his chains) and DPS him faster than he can heal (10k HP/10 sec) or kill the elf (about 40 seconds) (e.g. hunters)
  • stand near the elf and both DPS him and heal the elf (e.g. minstrels)

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