Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Work in Progress

While Myndariel relaxes in the gardens of North Ithilien, I have been playing a few other characters.

My second Beorning has just got her starter legendary weapon and is eager to head into Moria. I think she expects it will be a nice cosy cave to hibernate in after questing in the cold Misty Mountains and Forochel.

My minstrel has finally left Moria and is trying to earn the respect of her distant kin in Lothlórien. She's not fond of the "run to the orc camps and back" over and over again, but she thinks her instruments sound purer and more poetic in the Golden Woods. Or maybe everything just seems brighter and better in the sunlight.

My little hunter-scholar has been out and about hunting for artifacts and recording how many and where she found them. Her results so far are shown in the Scholar Artifacts page. It's a work in progress and it means exploring pretty much all of Middle Earth, but she's enjoying it, even if there are a lot of giants involved (some of the best places for T4 and T5 artifacts are in Giant Valley and Giant Halls respectively). She's found a few treasure caches along the way too which is a nice bonus.

My free-to-play characters are feeling the TP (or I guess LP for LOTRO Points now) grind to unlock more content. My captain has quested through the Lone-lands and done the Epic Quest in North Downs but isn't high enough level to do the Epic Quest in the Trollshaws, so she will have to go back and do slayer deeds etc. in the starting zones. Or I could start a new character on another server, do the Ered Luin deeds which are fairly quick and easy, delete them and rinse and repeat. It's going to be a looong journey.

My characters on Arkenstone are all in one kin, and when I was visiting my house there the other day I noticed the kin house next door was up for sale - in fact the neighbourhood was looking rather empty (I hope my former neighbours found nice new homes in Cape of Belfalas). I hadn't planned on getting a kin house, but what an opportunity! So now my kin have a mission to collect more housing decorations. I guess Bingo Boffin adventures, and Hytbold, Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith dailies are on the schedule for the foreseeble future ...

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