Sunday, 1 January 2017

Myndariel's Journey to North Ithilien

Myndariel has been questing through Central and Eastern Gondor this week and finally reached level 105. She really enjoyed the quests, especially helping Nimithil in Ost Anglebed and the Five Sisters of the rivers. Unfortunately, she has done bits and pieces of quests here and there throughout Gondor and Anórien which has kind-of spoilt the flow, like skipping pages in a book then going back to them later.

The pretty Mere of Gilrain in Central Gondor
Roamingstar, Maiden of Gilrain, protects these waters
Found this random sandcastle on a sandbar near some marooned corsairs
I guess they were bored - or plotting to destroy more cities

I also got caught up with the epic quest line (spoiler alert) - wow! - doing all the quests for the preparation of Minas Tirith's defenses, then going and recalling scouts from Talath Anor and gaining the Rohirrim safe passage to Pelennor Fields, then the epic battle itself and finally the aftermath and recruiting soldiers to support Aragorn - it took several hours but they were awesome hours that flew by with a sense of wonder and urgency - like when you get to the best part of the book and you just can't put it down; you can't wait to turn the page and find out what happens next.

Escorting the Rohirrim
The Rohirrim arrive in time
The battle at Pelennor Fields
Éowyn confronts the Nazgûl
Golodir's vengeance
Aragorn banishes Gothmog
Minas Tirith survives

Finally, I travelled through Osgiliath and into North Ithilien and was instantly impressed with the beauty of the zone. The ruins are picturesque, it's wonderful to see blue sky and I love finding flowers to pick all over the place. I have yet to find out how to get the new gear, but I look forward to finding out and exploring and questing through the region more.

North Ithilien at night
Aelin Veren

Happy New Year and may 2017 be a great year to enjoy Lord of the Rings.

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