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Instances: Moria Cluster Part I

The Moria instances do not scale with level and were designed for groups of 6 or 12 players between level 54 and level 58.

The instances are located throughout Moria and tend to drop a lot of loot, especially Moria reputation tokens, legendary item relics and heritage runes.

There are also a lot of deeds to be done so they can be a good place to gain some extra titles, virtues and Turbine Points.

The Forgotten Treasury - 6 person instance, level 54

On entering the central room of the Forgotten Treasury in the Silvertone Lodes, Morhûn warns you that the treasure belongs to the orcs and tells his guards to lock the gates. You are trapped in a puzzle and need to defeat the guards and rotate the correct statues. The mini-bosses drop either purple or yellow gem shards which can be used later.

The central room and statues

The first statue to the left of the entrance (when looking towards the central statue) is guarded by Nardurgûl. The second is guarded by Frûzgûl. The third statue is guarded by Darûkûrz. The first statue on the right of the entrance is guarded by Lorzgûl. The second is guarded by Mokza. The third is guarded by Narghug. Note that if looking at the minimap, these will be on the opposite sides as the map shows the entrance at the north.

It may be easier to clear the room then try to solve the puzzle. If you try to rotate the wrong statue, you will take some damage and reset the puzzle. Once complete, the room lights up and the entrance and stairwell to the centre is blocked off. You can still jump down though. Morhûn waits in the antechamber behind.

After defeating Morhûn, return to the central room where two large trolls, Urauth and Skûm, will come to attempt to avenge their master. The purple and yellow gem shards may be helpful for weakening these trolls.

The statue guardians

PS. I would offer to provide a spoiler on what order to rotate the statues, but the order changes each time an instance is created.

The Grand Stair - 6 person instance, level 56

The Grand Stair in the the Redhorn Lodes offers a daily challenge to defeat Igash, the final boss, but leave several of his associates alive. There is also some interesting lore to the instance: Mazog has Igash collecting tribute from orc tribes in Moria, but the White Hand have had enough and Ilzkâl and Nardur are planning to take out Igash and his followers and keep the tributes for themselves.

Lots of stairs and bridges
For challenge mode, you should defeat Ilzkâl then race straight ahead to Nardur within 10 minutes (after 10 minutes, the bridges to his stronghold are disabled and Nardur escapes). Then go to Igash and defeat him without killing The Devoted.

For normal mode, after defeating Ilzkâl, if you turn left, you'll face The Beast and Gothgaash. Turning right, the paths are patrolled by warg-riders and goblins loyal to Igash. There is a T-intersection with a group of White Hand orcs on the left and a stairway leading down to the Highpeak Kennels on the right. The Kennels is home to Glothrok the Vile. Both paths lead to Nardur's Station. Through the gate, the White Hand orcs loyal to Nardur are fighting the Gazathrug orcs loyal to Igash. At the top of the stairs, the Throne of Igash can be found to the right. Defeat Igash and there is a gate that will take you out of the instance.

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