Sunday, 14 February 2016

Crafted 1H Clubs Gallery now Available

I've just added the gallery for crafted one-handed clubs made by woodworkers. They have never been one of my favourite weapons in-game as I associate them with cave-men and rioters, but there are some that look ok.

Of course there's a baseball bat-like club (Stout Ash Club). The Yew Club is rather nice with the large jewels and is available at low levels. The Supreme tier clubs seem to be more metallic than wooden - some of them almost look like maces. And I think the Club of the Rider and the Wildermore Club are probably the most interesting. The Club of the Rider seems to fit the Rohan style nicely while the Wildermore club looks like it is sprouting fur, which sort of makes sense, as Wildermore is very cold, but also really doesn't - if you're going to bludgeon something, does it really matter if it is warm or not?

Baseball Bat

Ooh ... Shiny



Is that Fur?

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