Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Finally Finished Mirkwood

The 10th anniversary scavenger hunt has made me go back and finish quest lines that I never got around to on Myndariel which is great. One of the quest-lines I have always wanted to finish is Mirkwood. By the time I finished Moria and Lothlórien, I was high enough level to go to The Great River so I pretty much skipped Mirkwood while levelling. I did start the epic and I have had my milestone set to The Haunted Inn for a very long time as a reminder to return.

The Haunted Inn
Dol Goldur and the doomed forest

And I finally did it - I finished the exploring and the questing (Mirkwood has some great story-telling!), got Kindred with the Malledhrim, became an "Ambassador to the Elves" (kindred with all the elven factions - Elves of Rivendell, Galladhrim and Malledhrim) and "Stalwart against the Shadow" (completed the epic quests in Vol. 2), and got three nice mounts and an Exquisite Elven Dress. It feels like a big accomplishment, even if it is a few years overdue.

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of Mirkwood - partly because it's so dark and gloomy and partly because most of the pictures I did have are on my old computer that died recently. I will have to go back (again) and do a proper Scenic Tour of Mirkwood soon.

In the mean time, here are my new horses:

Prized Malledhrim Horse
Smokey Black Horse
Elf Ambassador's Horse

And here's the Exquisite Elven Dress (dyed violet):

Myndariel in Mirkwood

So, now I can work on a few other characters and look forward to more scavenger hunts that send Myndariel on new old adventures.

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