Monday, 27 February 2017

T8 Morale Essences on the Auction House

One of the features I miss from World of Warcraft is their API that lets people explore the data deeper. For example, there's a really useful website called The Undermine Journal which uses that data to monitor auction house prices on every server.

LOTRO doesn't make that sort of information available but I was suddenly wondering how hard would it be to try and manually collect auction house information and would it be useful?

I started by looking at Tier 8 Essences and was surprised at the lack of variety available - the majority by far were morale essences, so I recorded the morale essences for sale today (27 Feb 2017) on an European server (Evernight) and an American server (Arkenstone).

Morale EssenceEU QuantityEU Market Price (Mean)US QuantityUS Market Price (Mean)
Major1920g (32g)1125g (42g)
Supreme34186g (231g)10158g (191g)
Ithilien6450g (483g)24300g (343g)

Interesting how there are less Ithilien essences on Evernight and the price is much higher than on Arkenstone. I wonder why? Do they have less people farming essences, do they prefer to sell in Trade chat or could it be due to the time or day when I checked the auction house?

My next mission is to check prices on different days and start building up some data over time. Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions about other products or servers I should monitor.

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